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About a girl who discovers that she's the funniest person in the world

With a second child, the developmental milestones sometimes go by a bit more unnoticed. Of course we didn't miss out on Julie's first steps, or on the first time she said 'stupid mom!' (which she already said at eighteen months by the way, she's quite the prodigy actually ;-)), but some things just already seem more 'normal' with a second one. However yesterday something happened that was so cool, even though it might not be in the average 'milestone book', and I remembered again how much I loved this when it first happened to Rosa as well: Julie had her very first, unstoppable, bursting-with-laughter belly laugh ('de slappe lach', as we say in Dutch).

We were eating toast, and all of a sudden this girl grabbed my toast, said 'Tjonge jonge jonge' (which is something like 'Oh my oh my oh my') and then seemed to realize how funny she was saying that, because she started to laugh and couldn't stop, while repeating 'Tjonge jonge jonge' in every little break that the giant, uncontrollable laugh granted her. 

Oh, how these are the moments to remember!


Eefje on 2014-12-16 20:07

Och wat een schatje, door de foto's lijkt het bijna alsof ik ze het hoor zeggen! Mooie momenten :)

Hej Hanse on 2014-12-26 21:40

Oh, what a cute girl - makes me smile, too. Hope, you have wonderful christmas holidays, love, Ulli

Leyla on 2015-02-02 14:40

Tjonge jonge jonge! (Superlief!)

Marjolein on 2015-03-14 09:20

Jammer dat je al een tijdje niets meer post op je blog ! Ik vond het altijd erg leuk om je blog te volgen. Is alles goed met jullie ? Groetjes Marjolein

Nina on 2015-03-14 10:53

Hoi Marjolein,

Dank je voor je berichtje! Ja, is lang geleden he! ;-) Ik post momenteel veel op instagram en daardoor even wat minder(of niet dus ;-)) op mijn blog. Maar neem me regelmatig voor om hier ook weer wat te gaan doen... dus dat komt ongetwijfeld snel weer!

Tot die tijd is hier dus veel te vinden:

Marjolein on 2015-03-14 12:54

Ok gelukkig ! Ga snel even kijken op instagram ! :) groetjes Marjolein

Du fil et mon ... on 2015-04-27 21:28

My eyes thank you! I discovered blog and your world accidentally(by chance) and it is a very beautiful discovery! Wouah!

Thank you! Thank you! And thank you!

Love from France !

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