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Into the wild

No matter how much I'd like to pretend that we're really the hiking, nature-exploring, through rain and wind kind of people, truth is that usually we're lazy city dwellers who hardly ever put on our rubber boots to walk in the mud. Which is of course something we pass on to our kids: Rosa already starts to scream and comes running inside the house as if she's being chased by a madman as soon as the first drops of rain start falling. And Julie is, well... I can't really say that she's afraid of the spiders and their webs in our garden, it's more that she sort of gets angry at them: 'Spider, go away!', is what we hear her shout with a rather strict voice pretty often.

So when our friends asked us to accompany them on a walk through a little forest at only a fifteen-minute bike-ride from our home (a place where we'd never been before, even though we've been living so close for almost ten years...;-)) we thought this was our chance to become real good nature-loving parents. Especially now that Rosa is starting on a Waldorf school real soon, you know with all the love for nature and the changing of the seasons and such, we thought it was time for her to get to know about the beauty and the mighty powers of nature a bit more.

Well, let's say that at first she wasn't too pleased...

'You said we were going to do something nice, but I can't see any playground here!', was her rather indignant conclusion.

Meanwhile we were carrying around her little sister, who fell fast asleep during the bike ride. Of course we hadn't thought about bringing the carrier...

...which by the way did offer the opportunity to take some sweet sleepy photos that you don't get around to take that often anymore with en energetic toddler!

But after a bit of napping the fun began...

Rosa quickly realized that there was so much to explore in the forest, like mushrooms...

...frogs (or is this what you should call a toad?)...

...giant trees...

...and exciting shacks fully made of branches!

So I think we did fairly well bringing them a bit closer to nature. Well, at least a little... ;-)


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