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Gardening with grandpa

Our most recent project around the house has been redoing the garden. We had the main layout of the garden being redone by a gardener, who also placed a wooden playhouse with a swing and slide for the girls. Our first wish was not necessarily a very 'beautiful garden' but mainly a place for play, but when our very 'kidproof' garden was ready I did miss some nice details and floral beauty. So the next step was adding some plants and flowers. And of course the girls showed that they don't necessarily need those big toys for play: gardening with grandpa is just as much fun!


afke on 2014-06-10 19:16

Leuke tuin, die schommel is ook handig daar kunnen ze gewoon samen op. ideaal!

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My name is Nina, I'm a ceramics and paperwares designer and mom of Rosa and Julie. This blog is about making, living, liking, loving and so much more!

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