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Some things take a little while

Back in 2009 (I have proof, this must be what blogging is for ;)) I ordered three beautiful screen printed concert posters from Poster Cabaret. The Feist poster with it's vibrant colors was my favorite, but somehow I never got to the point of framing and hanging it in our previous apartment. Something with non-standard sizing and no empty walls left I guess.

So the screenprinted posters moved with us to this house, still in their original roll, and they were somewhere in the back of my mind, 'maybe if I'll ever find a nice place for them and the right frame, I'll hang them somewhere'. In fact I wasn't that sure that I'd still like something that I bought about five years ago.

But when I had a fresh look at my concert posters I realized that I still liked them a lot. Which was kind of a nice thing to find out, because lately I've been obsessing a bit about the fact that I get bored with so many things so (and too) quickly these days.

I still didn't have the perfectly fitting frame, but since I know that I sometimes just have to act now in order to avoid another five years of gathering dust, I framed the poster in a slightly unconventional way, taping it onto the matte with masking tape. Now I only have to find the perfect place for the other two concert posters that are still waiting in the roll!



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