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How it always becomes something else in the end

I had so many ideas for our black wall: first I wanted to turn it into a gallery wall with lots of framed art, then I wanted a huge IXXI collage for it. I searched and searched and compared lots of different options, but I just couldn't decide. All I knew is that I wanted the corner to look super fresh, clean and modern. Not my usual mix of a bit of this and a bit of that, but some very clean lines, a bold statement.

And then all of a sudden, I forgot about all of that and envisioned a huge antique mirror on the black wall. I have no idea how I came up with it, but somehow I had this very specific image of a certain kind of mirror in mind: not the classic 'baroque' one, but a very large arch-shaped one in a wooden frame. I started searching everywhere, but I quickly learnt that I had something so specific in mind that I was bound to get disappointed.

I literally searched through all the ads for mirrors (like: thousands of them) on the Dutch second hand websites, and then I got lucky: I found my mirror! A three-hour-drive away, but who cares when it's exactly what you are looking for? But when I got in touch with the seller, I learnt that it just got sold...

When I found myself feeling extremely disappointed, it made me even more eager to find that very mirror that I had mind. And guess what: after days of even more detailed searching I found it! And even for less money and within a one-hour-drive ;).

It's so funny that apparently you can't 'plan' the decoration of a home: in the end my taste seems to have it's own quirks, like a kid that doesn't listen to it's parent (it does resemble my kids quite a bit ;)). I really felt I was a bit done with mixing old and new furniture, I actually wanted less vintage and a more modern look, but look what I came up with in the end... Something more antique than ever! The mirror originates from a French abbey and might actually be one of the oldest pieces of furniture we own now.

Well I guess I like the idea that apparently creating an interior is something that involves not just pure 'rational' choices of will and aesthetics, or following some sort of comprehensive design plan, but also some funny quirks that you can't fully control. Or maybe that's just me ;).

By the way this mirror reminded me a bit of the old circus caravan we stayed in last summer, which had similar-style woodwork inside. So each time I look at my mirror I can't help but wonder: does this mirror add just that little bit of French chic to our living room, or is it more like a circus caravan here now? ;)


Octavie on 2014-03-11 16:15

Het is een beetje art deco toch? Dat is zo stijlvol, dat heeft niks met een kermiswagen te maken, haha! Ik vind het heel mooi!

Nina on 2014-03-11 16:50

@ Octavie: ja zoiets, Art Deco, Jugendstil? Maar die kermiswagen was ook wel echt heel mooi van binnen hoor, ik denk dat het een Art Deco kermiswagen was ;). Nee serieus, was echt heel indrukwekkend, helemaal met van dat met de hand bewerkte houtwerk (hmm... pleonasme?) en krullen enzo, en ook hele mooie ensuite deuren vanbinnen, alleen als het heel veel bij elkaar is dan past het toch beter bij, tja, een kermiswagen ofzo... Maar ik geloof dat het hier wel aardig in proportie is!

Anneke on 2014-03-11 19:57

Ik vind hem te gek!

madelief on 2014-03-13 22:54

heel erg mooi. art nouveau denk ik.

deb on 2014-03-14 12:40

i love it ! i love that it shows your kitchen, and its cool tile 

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