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Grocery shopping with kids, or why I'm not so fond of it

There are certain activities that I try to avoid when it's just me and the kids. Grocery shopping is one of them. Bringing a few quick things from the supermarket on a walk with the double stroller (so with both girls safely inside) isn't a problem, though lately Rosa isn't that keen on remaining seated anymore, and chasing her through a supermarket with a huge stroller and a basket filled with groceries isn't that much fun. No, I mean the big groceries, that involve extensive shopping lists, a heavily stocked cart, lots of big shopping bags, dragging everything to the car and all that. Then carrying/directing two young girls along the way is just a bit too much for my 'yes-I-am-a-woman-but-somehow-I-don't-have-that-super-multitask-gene'-nerves.

Helmut never really understands my objections: he thinks grocery shopping with two kids is a bit of a challenge, but definitely not impossible or anything. And in his Can-do view, taking just one of them is even easy peasy. So I had myself convinced to try it again, with only Julie with me this time. But tell me: what to do when your kid falls asleep in the little seat of the shopping cart, with her head and neck in some sort of weird rotated position, while your cart is filled to the brim with all kinds of groceries?

Well, then you take your heavy, sleeping kid out and hold her in your arms, meanwhile you try to put all the groceries on the conveyor belt with just one hand, then you take your coat off (also with one hand, not as easy as you would think!) and put it in the now empty shopping cart, then you lay your sleeping kid with her head on top of this improvised pillow, then you put all the groceries into some enormous bags, then you try to ride the shopping cart to the parking lot with one hand (while you have two terribly heavy bags in the other), then you put everything in the car, bring back the cart, take out the sleeping kid, take her sleeping twelve kilograms in your now aching arms again, walk back to the car and try to put her in her seat without waking her up...

Oh, that's it: maybe I should have tried to wake her up in the first place ;).


afke on 2014-02-07 21:57

wow wat leuk dat ze zo slaapt..ik wilde wel dat mijn kinderen overal zo makkelijk konden slapen!:) grappig zeg

Nina on 2014-02-08 08:30
@ Afke: mijn kinderen zijn ook helemaal niet zulke makkelijke slapers hoor, alleen op onhandige momenten ;). (zo zijn ze bijvoorbeeld volgens mij echt nooit zomaar 'vanzelf' in slaap gevallen in de box ofzo, zoals sommige kinderen schijnen te doen!)
Sarah on 2014-02-11 20:27


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