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Wool #1: to keep her warm

During my pregnancy with Julie I started developing an interest in knitwear and wool. Kind of funny, because Rosa hardly ever wore any knit clothes. Maybe that's because she never ever seemed to be cold, and still: she seems to have inherited her father's trait to be able to wear short sleeves in icy cold February without ever wanting to put on some extra clothes.

But with Julie it was different. She was very tiny at birth (something you'd never have guessed when you see her glorious shapes these days ;)) and she seemed to have a low body temperature all the time during the first week after her birth. So we started dressing her in warm, 100 % wool clothes. Which didn't seem to help much by the way: according to the thermometer her body temperature remained low, even when she felt so warm and cozy in her soft woolen layers. Later we learned that the thermometer we had used didn't function well and constantly showed a temperature that was too low, so all the worries of these first few weeks were probably completely unncecessary... Ah well, by then we had already gotten used to the warm and comfortable wool that we dressed Julie in!

So Julie has been wearing lots of wool and knits ever since, and though I have tried some simple knitting myself, I prefer to buy beautiful handknit clothes from all the more skilled knitters that sell their beautiful stuff online. Some of my favorite knit/wool shops on etsy are Knitsiebitsie, Lalaka and Lolkawear on etsy, and also independent small brands such as Aymara, Bieq, FUB and Misha and Puff.

I've started wearing more wool myself as well, I always get cold so easily in winter and then wearing wool really is a great idea ;). In particular, lately I've grown an addiction to knit fingerless mittens. I will show some of them here soon!

Oh, do you notice: all dressed in wool, but with bare feet! None of my kids want to wear socks (and neither do I)...

Still lots of wool in stock for new knit projects, hopefully I get a little more skilled some day...

Julie and Rosa have some wool sweaters and dresses (like the sweater with the bear print above) from La Casita de Wendy that are among the softest, most comfortable wool that I've ever felt. Oh, and cute too!


Emma on 2013-12-12 07:55

what lovely clothes! I wish I had time to make more knitted things for my daughter as well. She has a couple of cardigans I've made her and I'm halfway through a hat, but that's it. Once I've got my Christmas crafting out if the way I think I might start on a new jumper for her perhaps. Some great inspiration in your post!

afke on 2013-12-12 13:37

Mooie kleren en lekker warm, altijd leuk om te zien wat je meisjes dragen. groetjes

rachel on 2013-12-12 16:11

lovely knitwear!! It's very good for kids (and grownups ) to walk barefoot. It helps to 'settle down'. Very important! :)

So what you're gonna do with your shiny new balls of wool? Looks like a big project...

Nina on 2013-12-13 10:59

@ Rachel: more scarves, probably ;). And I've also given some to my ma to make me some more fingerless mittens!

MUS on 2013-12-17 23:46

zo mooi allemaal (xl-hartje voor lolka jurk).

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