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Three! #4 Birthday treats

As with more subjects kids (or maybe I should say parent)-related, I have a bit of mixed feelings when it comes to birthday treats. On the one hand I like the idea and opportunity to make something fun. On the other hand I don't think birthday treats for toddlers are very important, so why all the trouble when the kids are perfectly happy with some raisins as well? I do realize that at this stage the idea that a birthday treat should be creative or original only is mine, and definitely not Rosa's (let alone Julie's). As parents I think we must be careful not to start competing already, in the amount or originality of birthday treats, or the amount of festivities at a party. But maybe that can never fully be avoided.

So... is it modern art or toddler art? ;)

Well it's melting crayons!

It's the easiest thing in the world and in fact it's really nice to do! Not only because you can do it together with a toddler, but also because I really enjoyed to see what happened to the colors and how they blended together.

In fact this always happens when I start on some 'toddler craft' project: I get enthusiastic and see opportunities for using the craft for my own projects. Well maybe I should just come to the conclusion that toddler art is very much my kind of art ;). 

By the way: if you plan on making these as birthday treats as well, make sure to let the kids and their parents know that they are not candy! ;)


Emma on 2013-12-18 09:56

Very pretty, I think I'll give this a go with my daughter as she has so many old broken crayons we could use. Like you, I'm a bit inspired by things I could do with this for myself... What about nice red and white ones using Christmas moulds?

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