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Three! #3: A home needs a bunting

Seriously, I think a home should have buntings all the time, and not just on birthdays! We've been spending quite some money on making the house look nice and cozy, and guess what: we put up two 50 cent (!) buntings, and all of a sudden it looks so fun and happy in here! I immediately feel in a festive mood each time I enter the room... So that's a Euro well-spent I guess.

However I live here with a 'buntings-are-for-birthdays' man, so I guess if I'd want some more permanent buntings in our living room, negotiations will be necessary... Maybe just a small one somewhere must be possible?

Oh, and inbetween all the birthday preparations (like: baking five apple pies in one night, making forty birthday treats and more of that craziness) I also managed to do some work these days...

So there are quite a few new plates in the shop now.

I've been working on so many new things lately, but in this busy December month somehow it's been so hard to finish anything...

Hopefully the weeks around Christmas will offer some quiet time to finish some long-going projects. And for some sleep!

Unlike most home/design bloggers (and my neighbors... our home currently is the one dark hole within a sea of Christmas lights! ;)) I've never been very much into Christmas decorations, but look: that's a small paper Christmas tree up there on the table! With the girls growing up I think it'll soon be time for a real tree, but for now this will do.


Tania on 2013-12-15 21:38

I love bunting too! I actually made fabric bunting for each of my little ones to use at their birthday parties. Candy striped and pink gingham ones for my little girl and blue gingham and orange and turquoise ones for my boy. And I agree it brightens up the space so much I am always tempted to keep some up. This year I have Christmas bunting! Much nicer than tinsel in my, maybe I should make some for Easter too?;) Bunting for every occasion sneaks it into the house all year round!

Iris Vank on 2013-12-15 22:35

Nog gefeliciteerd!! Sjonge, zoveel taart en traktaties is wel heel hard werken. En wat zijn je nieuwe ontwerpen mooi!

Iris Vank on 2013-12-15 22:35

Nog gefeliciteerd!! Sjonge, zoveel taart en traktaties is wel heel hard werken. En wat zijn je nieuwe ontwerpen mooi!

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