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Three! #1

Three years already... Sweet, beautiful, stubborn, happy, funny, impatient playful Rosa! 

On days like these I can't help but relive that day: the drive to the hospital, the music we listened to at home and in the car, that same song over and over again... The waiting in that weird, impersonal hospital room, putting on the surgical gown, all those fascinating preparations for surgery that you have no idea of when you don't regularly watch stuff like ER... Seeing the gynaecologist holding a baby above your head, only for a few seconds... And then all that happened in the three years after that moment.

Will it always be this way on December 13? Will I always keep remembering all those moments so ordinary, yet in a strange way so full of meaning? Parking the car at the small parking lot near the hospital, meeting our nurse, the view from the room, the large serving trays with the unsavoury meals...  Will I always keep thinking about stuff such as surgery gowns and uncomfortable hospital beds with a smile? Or have I forgotten about most of those details by the time you've grown up, Rosa?

Anyway, today is your birthday, we'll make it a good one!

Reliving those days... #1 and #2

Your birth announcement

The bellies (including the fear of shrinking... still hoping for a bit more of that these days!)

You didn't just come easily, sometimes we almost forget, but never really


Yvestown on 2013-12-13 13:09

3 alweer??? Fijne verjaardag Rosa xxx

Nina on 2013-12-13 13:17

@ Yvonne: ja joh, dat gaat zo snel! Ik denk echt dat ze 18 is als ik nog een paar keer met mijn ogen knipper ;).

Anneke on 2013-12-13 14:47

Hieperdepiep voor Rosa!!

Liefs Anneke

Neel on 2013-12-13 21:18

gelukkige verjaardag mooie meid!

afke on 2013-12-15 14:17

Hoi nog gefeliciteerd! 3 vindt ik zelf een hele leuke leeftijd, maar ze worden wel veels te snel groot :)

Marije on 2013-12-16 11:52


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