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A black love affair

Lately I find myself being very much attracted to black. I guess it all started here, with the black chalkboard wall in the nursery in our previous apartment...

Then there was the black wall in our current living room, some more black wall in Rosa's new room, and right now there's also a lot of black in the things I make. I particularly love the way other colors pop up so brightly when being combined with black.

It always fascinates me how tastes and styles develop and change, and how trends work. I've never considered myself much of a trend follower or someone obsessed with the latest fashions, and I think throughout the years what I like has been very much a steady thing: I like color, I like patterns, I like vintage, I like bold graphics and I've never been quite the minimalist type.

On the other hand I follow quite a few blogs, and I'm an avid pinterest user, and I think from checking pinterest often you can very much distill what people like here and now. So though I may feel my own taste doesn't change that much, I guess I'm more or less aware of 'the latest styles'. I have no pretentions to be some sort of Li Edelkoort, but you don't have to be to see that there's obviously been a shift from the very girly, feminine, floral and colorful vintage/brocante style that was all over the place a few years ago towards a more graphic style: the black and white, the geometry, the simple graphic triangle, harlequin and diamond shapes. No crazy mix of bright colors, but a softer mix of ochre, grey, coral and mint.

And I think I'm fooling myself when I say it doesn't influence me. That my taste still is the same as five years ago. And who cares, really? It's good not to be stuck in the same thing forever. It doesn't make you more sincere or authentic when you always keep surrounding yourself with the same stuff. We don't have to stick to 1970s orange and green only because we once liked it ;).

But still it sometimes leaves me puzzled. Is this really me liking this, or is it just some sort of Zeitgeist thing that we eventually all fall for? If you keep seeing it, will you love it in the end? Is there something wrong now with the things we loved five years ago? Is it inevitable that we get bored and must move on to something else eventually?

I think these questions pop up in particular when it comes to the things you create yourself. Is this really mine? Am I still working from my own perspective, my own source of ideas and aesthetics, or am I being influenced too much by other people's espressions and ideas?

Well, I still like bright colors, even though people say we can't right now because we're in the middle of a crisis ;). With a bit of ochre... and lots of black.


afke on 2013-12-24 13:31

Mooi vindt ik ze de twee zwarte zwanen! Zwart combineert inderdaad erg mooi met kleur. Hoe jij met zwart omgaat maakt het ook gewoon mooi! Fijne feestdagen

Nina on 2013-12-24 13:42

Dankje Afke! ;)

Lia on 2014-03-01 18:43

Beautiful children! My son just turned 31, yet I often see him still as a baby, all eyes & sweet plum breath, how it felt to hold him. Thanks for sharing...everything.

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