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Crazy comes in various ways

Like most families, we try to have some routines to help us through the otherwise terribly chaotic days. Well, that is: our days are terribly chaotic until Helmut comes home, and since he likes routines better than I do, the more structured part of the day usually kicks in once he arrives. So then there's dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and when I bring Julie to bed after that, Rosa watches some tv while Helmut tidies up the living room (yeah, 'then they tidy up the living room together' is still a work in progress... ;)).

Because their little shop is one of Rosa and Julie's favorite things to play with, the area around the shop is usually the messiest part of the house. But here Helmut's special qualities come to the rescue. He loves to organize. To collect and categorize. To sort things and to bring structure into the chaos. (Did I ever mention that he was once trained to become a librarian? Which he in the end by the way never became) So at the end of the day, the shop is what it should be: bananas with bananas, strawberries with strawberries, and the croissants in a little box with the other croissants.

But sometimes our routine is changed, for example when we eat early and Julie isn't ready for bed yet. Then it may happen that I tidy up the shop instead. Usually I try to get everything in whatever box is available as quick as possible. Not to Helmut's satisfaction, of course. Hours later I sometimes hear him potter around the shop again, mumbling: 'That banana shouldn't be in the box with the cucumbers.'

But let's not make you think that he's the only one who's a little crazy around here. When I'm really in the mood, I love to organize the shop color coordinated, preferably rainbow-style. Of course Helmut goes even more berserk when he sees this: just one strawberry with the croissants is one thing, but nothing in it's right place? Impossible!

Ah well, the result of both our crazinesses is the same: the next morning the content of the shop will be all over the place again...


Lisette on 2013-11-15 20:01

Wat een geweldig winkeltje zeg! En heerlijk zo'n man die alles netjes opruimt :)

Stephanie on 2013-11-17 14:10

Fijn die foto's! En hoezee voor de man die opruimt ;)

Pieke on 2013-11-20 15:32

hier leven we ons stiekem uit bij het opruimen van de kapla, bouwen we eerst nog even iets moois als iedereen in bed ligt

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