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The dream of the little library

A few years ago I found this beautiful little 1950s cupboard, and I immediately thought that it would be a lovely 'little library' for Rosa's books. In fact the cupboard looks a bit like those 1950s school cabinets, maybe it already once was a little library? Oh, it seemed such a sweet vision: my lovely little girl (in her 1950s dress ;)) who'd carefully pick her favorite book from that beautiful organized little library, and then of course she'd read from it in her cozy reading nook for hours...

But unfortunately in this household open cupboards and young kids aren't such a happy combination, or well, maybe in a way they are: as soon as we put Rosa's books in the little library, it became her habit to take out all of her books every day. In one quick, sweeping movement. Usually about an hour after she'd woken up already all the books were all over the floor, and if we'd put them back in the cabinet during her afternoon nap, an hour later they were already all over the floor again. And with a daily routine like that, we were already happy when the books were back in their cabinet at the end of the day, and couldn't find the motivation to put them back in the little library in a very organized way. So in the best case the little library looked like on the photo below: with the books inside, but not exactly like that beautiful organized little library that I once envisioned (gosh, and she refused to wear those 1950s dresses too! ;)).

And believe me, I love her reading all her books all the time, I really do, but I hate stumbling on books that are all over the floor constantly, and I hate putting those same books back in the same cabinet over and over, and then still having to look at a messy little library! (and please, don't get me started about teaching a toddler how to tidy up... ;))

And with a new crawling toddler ready to attack the poor little library, our equally nosey little Julie, all of a sudden I came up with this luminous idea: just put much less books in the cupboard (and give up on my romantic dream of the little library for a little while)! I took out more than half of the books and put those on an 'out of reach' location, and now I just rotate the books that are available for Rosa and Julie to grab every so often. Not extremely clever or anything, I'm the first to admit (it's in all the books isn't it? 'Rotate toys!' 'Don't put too many things within reach!'), but hey, it works ;).

So now we have a nice temporary solution that isn't too messy and not too impossible to keep organized, and who knows maybe one day the time is ready for that dream of the perfectly organized little library!


Stephanie on 2013-10-20 12:19

Goeie oplossing :)! Ik vind je kleine bibliotheekkastje prachtig en de boeken trouwens ook!

afke on 2013-10-20 20:08

lastig ja.. maar wel een hele leuke kast. ik vind de boekenkast in die muur ook erg leuk gedaan. Wij zijn nog steeds op zoek naar een goeie oplossing voor onze boeken. we doen steeds meer boeken weg want we weten niet waar we ze moeten laten:) En je huis is echt prachtig en inspirerend!

Marije on 2013-10-21 15:27

Bij ons precies hetzelfde als bij Afke. En trouwens, beide kinderen hebben een 'fase'gehad waarbij dagelijks alle boeken uit de kast werden getrokken, maar dat ging vanzelf weer over. Bij jou misschien ook?

Ingrid Jansen on 2013-10-21 16:22

Dat bibliotheek project heb je mooi aangepakt! Goed kastje! Een 'zooitje' blijft het (ook als ze groter worden, maar dan verplaatst het gelukkig wat meer naar hun eigen domein)

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