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Printing on fabric, or how I don't need another project

Hobbies, you'd better start not too many of them... I always hear myself complain about lack of time, yet I keep starting on new things. When I saw this super simple tutorial on printing on children's clothes at Anki's blog I knew I had to try it some time. And since I've always been a friend of buying way too many craft supplies and a huge pile of clothes at once, then getting started immediately without reading the manual properly, and that way destroying the whole bunch and throwing everything in a corner after the first attempt (remember this one?), I thought this would be something for me ;). Not to blame the tutorial for that by the way, which is good and easy, it's just me who does this kind of thing!

And guess what: it's fairly simple and lots of fun, the paint seems to last through laundry even though like always I hadn't read the manual properly (the manual is about thirteen words, saying something like 'use ink on already washed fabric and iron after the ink has dried', but somehow I had managed to miss the 'use on already washed fabric' part and had started printing on brand new stuff ;)) and therefore I haven't already thrown all the supplies in a corner, but in fact I've bought some more and now have a whole pile of clothes waiting to be printed...

And now I quickly must go back to all my neglected knitting projects, I still have a bunch of those to finish too!


Neel on 2013-09-24 18:56

geweldig mooi!

Tiene on 2013-09-24 19:24

Prachtig! Ga ik ook eens proberen, ik zet hetnop mijnnFb pagina

afke on 2013-09-25 10:17

Echt leuk, ik ga het ook een keer uitproberen. Je illustraties in de vorige post..ook erg mooi!

meike on 2013-09-25 13:04

haha, ik snap de verslaving, erg leuk!!!

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