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It's a girl's world

When we heard we'd have another girl I jokingly said to Helmut -who was so sure that this time we'd have a boy- that if we would have been part of some sort of indigenous tribe, they'd probably have called him 'Father Who Can Only Make Daughters' or something like that ;). We're becoming quite a feminine household here, with lots of dolls and lots of dresses, and to be honest I don't really mind.

And yes, it's a little guilty pleasure to dress them similarly on occasion... In this case it happened a bit by coincidence: Julie's jumpsuit once was one of my favorite floral dresses, but when a few holes appeared in it after years of intensive wear I used the good remnants of the fabric for one of Julie's first outfits. Later I realized that I had once bought Rosa a dress of the same fabric, it was a bigger size so I'd forgotten that we had it, but when I took it out of a box it turned out to be the perfect fit for Rosa now.

Their first portrait together wasn't such a success yet: though Rosa generally is surprisingly sweet and caring in her approach towards Julie, she doesn't yet seem to grasp the concept of holding a baby, which in return was a bit uncomfortable for Julie...

Oh and this: a crying baby really makes me stress out (I find it so bizarre that people can ignore their crying baby, I don't want to do that but even if I'd want it I just couldn't), but nothing's more relaxing than a sleeping baby on your chest!


Iris Vank on 2013-01-29 23:05

Haha, schattig!! :)

belinda on 2013-01-30 09:06

Haha, zou ook een toepasselijke naam zijn voor mijn vader, met z'n vijf dochters!!! ;-)

mooie foto's! En babyhuiltjes negeren? Ik kan dat ook niet....

ROSA on 2013-01-31 20:46

Nice Blog!


wendel on 2013-02-04 14:07

Jullie zien er heel lief uit zo met z'n drieen. Zelfs in matchende outfits ;)

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