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Woonbeurs 2012: some more thoughts and images
Usually when you go somewhere, to an event or so, you already go there with certain expectations. You think: this is going to be so much fun, or: this is not my cup of tea at all (but I must go there anyway for some reason).
Before I was invited to the Woonbeurs interior decoration fair more or less 'profesionally' this year, I'd never really considered going there: I'm not particularly fond of big commercial events with lots of people (though I sometimes make an exception for the big flea markets that I both love and hate ;)), and these fairs always seem a bit artificial to me: they build some booths and stands that should look cozy in a normally totally uncozy big hall, they invite a lot of people and they put lots of brochures and free 'goodies' -that in fact are just promo materials- on the tables, and then the visitors should just walk around a bit and take lots of brochures home in those big free bags filled with more advertisements that they were gifted at the entrance.
So would I have gone to the Woonbeurs myself if I wasn't invited? Probably not. But now that I've been there, would I go again next year? Well, actually I probably would! Because a bit to my own surprise, I liked the event much more than I would have thought. Yes, it's commercial and it's a bit artificial, and I'm not particularly interested in the stands that offer exclusive kitchen equipment or bathroom floors. I'll go to a big furniture mall if that's what I'm interested in. But what I really liked about the fair was the variety of designs, products, colors and interior decoration inspiration that were offered. When you walk around and look at everything like the way you'd walk around and look at things in a museum, there's really so much to see!
So I'd say forget about all the brochures and the free goodies and the kitchen tiles and all that: just focus on what visually attracts you and you'll come home very much inspired! (and tired and totally overwhelmed too ;))


jana on 2012-10-07 23:10
so cool!!! I love the red haired figure with the brown dog!
meisje van de Zeppelinfabriek on 2012-10-09 12:08
Na het bekijken van die prachtige foto's wil je toch niets liever dan zelf aan de slag gaan, niet? Wat een creatieve wereld...
Iris Vank on 2012-10-10 21:56
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