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A bit of a mess, yes

I'm never too fond of receiving messages from my blog provider such as 'we're going to relocate all of our blogs to a new server, and you have to move with us immediately. In the process you'll lose your complete layout and a lot of your settings and functionalities, and a lot of your content as well, but if you don't move with us you'll definitely lose all of your content and archives. Oh, and you have to start paying much more too, and you can only choose from a few real ugly blog layouts, and it's all going to be lots of trouble', but I received that message anyway a little while ago (only with a lot of cheering and 'everything will get so much better' instead).

So right now everything looks messy here, and I still have to figure out how all this works and if I want to keep using this blog at all, so things will be a bit quiet here for a little longer. But I hope to find it all out soon!



Ruth on 2012-10-24 08:22

Oh dat frustreert inderdaad ontzettend! Ik ben ook nog steeds niet happy met de veranderingen bij blogspot. Succes!

Iris Vank on 2012-11-03 21:41

Ik hoop dat het snel is opgelost!

creJJtion on 2012-11-23 00:16

Hey wat leuk, via via kom ik op je blog terecht. Wat een mooie serviezen maak je! En ik zie hier het Miami Beach dekentje naar mijn ontwerp. Prachtig met het schulprandje!

Ik hoop dat de blog-veranderingen inmiddels opgelost zijn voor je.



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