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Woonbeurs #1
It was kind of overwhelming to walk around at the Woonbeurs (the largest Dutch interior decoration fair) and seeing those huge halls filled with everything interior. As usual I found myself particularly attracted to beautiful color combinations... Here are a few images to get started. I will show you much more later, and I also have a great 101 Woonideeën giveaway to share with you later today, so stay tuned!


Ingrid Jansen on 2012-09-26 19:17
loeimooi bankje! de 'tentjes' zien er tof uit zag ik al op Erika's blog.
wendel on 2012-10-03 18:29
Oh wat vind ik het toch jammer dat ik het allemaal gemist heb! Dat krijg je dus als je buiten het seizoen op vakantie gaat... Maar wel leuk om zo nog even de highlights te zien.
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I'm Nina, ceramics designer, art/ craft/ design lover and mom of Rosa and Julie. This blog is about the things I make (you can find my online shop here) and the things I love (design, art, craft, interior, fashion, photography). You may have noticed a special emphasis on my two beautiful girls and everything children's design related!

There used to be a second blog on children's clothing, Coolkidsclothes, but it's currently sort of asleep and all the images have vanished temporarily, but I hope to revitalize it real soon.

Meanwhile, lovely children's clothing will be an important part of this blog here as well.

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