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A fair belly
I guess all those things they say about second (or third, fourth...) pregnancies are true: it all goes by much faster, you experience every little development less consciously, you prepare less and in general it all feels a bit more normal than the first time. Already having a child running around somehow doesn't make the presence of this new baby in my belly (and knowing that within a few months I'll have her in my arms) any less abstract -it's a bizarre thing and it always will be- but having Rosa around definitely limits the amount of time that I can spend pondering over it.
I remember the time living towards Rosa's birth as sort of a serene period, there was something almost sacred in things like folding all those perfect little clothes and putting them in the drawers of the dresser in the little nursery. Now those sweet little clothes are still being put in the drawers, but ten minutes later they're already clumsily being worn by Rosa's dolls, or spread over the floor... ;) (which by the way is a more realistic perspective on what it's going to be like after the baby is born than the dreamily-staring-at-your-perfectly-folded-baby-clothes-thing).
There are moments when I feel a bit guilty about experiencing everything so differently now. Am I enjoying this probably last-pregnancy-ever well enough? Like when I was pregnant with Rosa we did all this, now so far I haven't even made one proper belly photo...
So when I was walking around taking pictures at the Woonbeurs and stumbled upon a large mirror, I thought 'well, it's better than no pictures at all!' So here's my 'fair belly' at 27 weeks pregnancy. Someone walking by my table told me I was already 'big' for 27 weeks, personally I thought the belly was still fairly small, then it must be something inbetween ;).


Nikki on 2012-09-27 12:23
Een hele mooie buik Nina :)!
jana on 2012-09-27 14:06
Oh, that´s one small belly! :) It´s different, but it´s still beautiful. There´s a new one who´s going to love the baby, Rosa.  And the baby´s going to love her too. That´s so sweet, despite some chaos.
LeiLiLaLoo on 2012-09-28 18:06
Rosemarie on 2012-09-28 23:38
love your ceramics and design and your belly is so cute! Anyway , I stumbled upon your log and just have to comment that I had my 2nd child in June and I never took a photo and it went by so fast. I felt so bad. Even now, I'm too busy with the older one to properly take good videos ... Oh well. I love her all the same! Best of luck to you!
wendel on 2012-10-03 18:27
Ik geloof je meteen, de tweede keer is vast heel anders. Als 1e is er natuurlijk al een kindje wat superveel aandacht vraagt. Maar volgens mij hoef je jezelf daar echt niet rot om te voelen, zo is het nu eenmaal. Ik denk ook wel eens dat een tweede kind nooit de hoeveelheid aandacht die ik nu aan Mini geef. Maar ja, die is dat dan ook nooit gewend, dus dat is ook geen gemis denk ik dan. Je hebt wel echt al een mooi buikje!
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