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So much better than my onion suit...
Did I ever mention my notorious onion suit here? Well, probably I didn't and in fact I think I shouldn't, at least if I want to keep some sort of fashionable reputation...

You see, once I was an eight year old kid, and I went to a catholic school. In the second grade all kids did their Holy Communion, but we weren't catholic, so I was about the only kid in the whole class who wasn't part of these Holy Communion festivities. It's never a nice thing as a kid when you can't be part of something that everybody else is doing, but to be honest it was another thing that I felt most sad about: the fact that I wouldn't be able to wear one of those fabulous 'little bride' dresses that I had been admiring and dreaming of in our local children's clothing boutique for years.
My parents weren't super sensitive about the fact that this was a difficult situation for me, but apparently my mother did pity me a bit, because a week before my classmates' communion we went to a HEMA department store, where I was allowed to choose some new 'communion clothes'. And I made a glorious choice: I chose an ensemble consisting of a wide white tee and some short leggings, printed all over with onions, carrots and other greens (and I'm afraid it wasn't one of those nice Scandinavian style vegetable prints that you see these days! ;)).
Anyway, to make a long story short: I loved my onion suit to pieces and no, there are no pictures... But the reason why I'm telling you all this is that I recently stumbled upon cool Belgian webshop Pepatino's Holy Communion dresses collection, and oh my, they don't look like little bride's dresses anymore these days! If I were an eight-year-old girl today, I most definitely wouldn't settle for an onion suit anymore... ;)
(by the way these pictures were taken by the amazing Belgian photographer Emilie Vercruysse, I must show you some more of her work later! Or simply check the link!)


wendel on 2012-02-07 09:28
Deze zijn echt geweldig! Ik deed ook geen communie maar wilde natuurlijk wel ook zo'n bruidsjurk, maar deze zijn echt veel en veel mooier!
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