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Collégien giveaway: the winner!
Let me start this post in which I'll announce the winner of the Collégien giveaway by saying how nice it was to see that this blog has such creative and inspired readers! It was so much fun to see all those nice and very different collages pop up in my mailbox, and what I really liked best is that I could see that you had a lot of fun making them!
I do hope that I received all the collages you sent me, cause I've had some trouble with receiving emails, because apparently the link I had added to the post didn't always work properly. So hopefully no one's work was lost somewhere in cyberspace!

Anyway, the lovely collages...
... made by Julie...
...made by Cora...
... made by Simone...
...Made by Afke...
... made by Nandini...
... made by Els...
... made by Judith...
... made by Natalia...
... made by Joana...
... made by Neel, who was so inspired that she even made two...
... made by Tine, who was even more inspired and made four different ones...
... just like Marieke, who also made quite a few different ones!
So, and now you want to hear who the winner is... I must say it was a kind of complicated lottery this time, because everyone who entered the giveaway counted for one, and then  each person who had sent in a collage counted for three, so everyone received either one or three numbers and then I finally had the random number generator choose the winning number...
And though I wish I could send each of you a pair, I must admit I was pretty pleased that the random number generator chose a number that corresponded with someone who had sent in a collage!
Nandini, you're the winner of a pair of Collégien slippers of choice! Please contact me through the email address below so that we can get you your pair of choice!


Ingrid Jansen on 2011-11-28 23:50
hej Nina! nice response. collegién is super! de kleinste maatjes vind ik ook het meest schattig en de collages van Marieke zijn errug tof! Jouw collégien collages nodigen ook wel uit om er mee aan de slag te gaan!
nandini on 2011-11-29 02:53
I can't believe I won... thank you so much :)
Neel on 2011-11-29 09:07
Het was een toffe wedstrijd bedankt Nina!
Anki on 2011-11-29 20:24
Zo, wat heb je veel leuke inzendingen! Gefeliciteerd voor Nandini.
emmel on 2011-11-30 00:21
Proficiat Nandini! Voor iedereen die niet gewonnen heeft...mss vind je een klein beetje troost bij mijn kleine give-away...
Cora Verhagen on 2011-11-30 17:08
Gefeliciteerd Nandini, wat zul jij blij zijn, gefeliciteerd! Heel leuk om te zien wat iedereen heeft ingestuurd en ik heb in ieder geval veel lol gehad in het maken van de collage (zie mijn blog hierover).
krista on 2011-11-30 19:58
oh no, i guess you didn't receive my collage? oh well, i still had fun making it.
nina on 2011-11-30 20:15
Oh no Krista, I'm so sorry to hear that! could you please try to send it again, unfortunately it's too late for the giveaway but I'd still love to see what you made!
dawn on 2011-12-10 00:55
boy, is that a beautiful smile from Rosa!
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