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The new mei tais
First of all excuse me, not only for wearing my pajamas on what of course should have been a very glorious & glossy photoshoot (I'm always amazed by bloggers who manage to do these glamorous photoshoots with their whole big family on a regular basis, like she does!), but to make things worse for even wearing them inside out... It's a busy life I guess! (Unfortunately I can't really pretend this 'I haven't even found time to get dressed before the afternoon'-thing that you can come up with when your baby is only one or two months old anymore... So just 'other priorities' it must be! ;))
Anyway, all of a sudden I felt the very urgent need to show you the two mei tais that my mother-in-law recently made for us right now, so I couldn't wait for Helmut to take a few pictures during the weekend or so and just made a few quick & crappy ones myself, with the help of this little lady that seemed very interested in my camera, and particularly it's strap!
Rosa still loves being carried, and Helmut and I still love to carry her in a mei tai, only the mei tais that we had started to become a little less comfortable now that our girl is becoming pretty heavy-weight. So I wanted a few new ones that were large and comfortable enough so that we could keep carrying Rosa for quite a while longer.
I found two Dutch DIY patterns on the internet (this one and this one, with a bit of googling you'll also find tutorials in other languages), and we made a combination of those two patterns and the examples of the mei tais that I already had. The new mei tais have super comfortable heavy-filled straps (with about four layers of fleece!) and support Rosa's whole back. That is: when she stays in position, because lately, no matter how tight I wrap her, she constantly keeps trying to do this:
Glad I hardly ever carry her on my back (we both think this way it's cozier), because it would feel scary if she'd do this while sitting on my back!
Oh and I forgot, she does not only do the leaning backwards thing as pictured above, she also has to do the 'asymmetrical thing' (one arm inside the mei tai, one arm outside) these days. Pretty uncomfortable... Oh my, why in fact are we still doing this? ;)
We used some of my beautiful Melody Miller Viewfinder fabric for one of the mei tais, and a mix of fabrics for the other one. We still have to finetune that design a bit though: in my original drawing the black and white polkadot fabric of the straps goes on in the part of the body that is made of the same fabric, the lines continued so nicely but somehow that hasn't really worked out in the final result. Must have some serious talk with my personnel about that! ;)


Christa the BabbyMama on 2011-09-23 01:41
MADE for you? Oh you lucky lady! I have a Calin Bleu wrap, but it was so hard to use in the front position. Back, no prob, but I would have loved something like this.
ROXY MARJ on 2011-09-23 03:41
these are so cute, and so is your baby cakes!! :)
Wien on 2011-09-23 19:27
Mooi gemaakt zeg! Op die manier dragen is dus niet heel zwaar voor je rug? Lijkt me bijzonder (fijn), zo dragen!
Nina on 2011-09-23 19:36
@ Wien: als je goed strak en dicht tegen je aan knoopt valt het met het gewicht reuze mee, terwijl Rosa toch al bijna 10 kg is! Die lekker gevulde schouderbanden schelen ook een hoop, dansnijdt het niet.
Overigens gaan veel mensen rond deze leeftijd/gewicht wel op de rug dragen, maar tot nu toe vind ik dat nog niet zo prettig en Rosa ook niet, we vinden het zo gezelliger! (als ze op je rug zit heb je geen idee wat ze aan het doen is! ;))
Jo @ a life in lists on 2011-09-24 10:49
Oh, they are so cool! We mainly use a woven (didymos) wrap for carrying our second baby, but I'm planning on experimenting with a couple of men tai/hip carrier patterns over the next few weeks in the hope of finding something that's a bit quicker to pop him in and out of as he's more interested in being on the floor for little bits of time now.
Nina on 2011-09-24 10:54
@ Jo: I personally think a mei tai is quite quick and easy to use once you've tried it a few times. Even my boyfriend, who wasn't into babywearing at all in the beginning, now is a pro with the wrapping and he never uses the stroller anymore! (I sometimes do! ;))
Jannie on 2011-09-24 15:49
Mooi stofjes!
Het is net alsof Rosa met haar armpje uit het raampje van een auto leunt.
Nina on 2011-09-27 14:06
@ Jannie: ja dat klopt! Misschien voelt het voor haar wel precies hetzelfde...
Rosa de relaxte trucker! ;)
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