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Rosa's room on Ohdeedoh
Rosa's room was featured as a nursery tour today on Ohdeedoh, apartment therapy's baby brother (or baby sister? ;)). How nice!
However since yesterday Rosa's room has changed quite a bit. We bought a new children's bed for her nursery, in a (1950s) style very similar to her previous bed, only a bit higher so she won't be able to climb out when she'd start to pull herself up. Only this one we painted in a super bright yellow instead of the sweet baby blue of her previous bed. We've put the baby blue bed in our room now, cause during the night she still sleeps with us, but she has outgrown the little 'Moses basket' that she used to sleep in in our room.
Also we've put the vintage 1950s wooden children's bench that used to stand in our hallway in Rosa's room. And I even managed to add a few more nice things to her super small room! I'll show some more of the changes soon, but for now you can visit ohdeedoh to see how Rosa's room looked until a few days ago, before I was contaminated by the 'change-everything!'-virus.


francesca on 2011-04-28 07:37
such a lovely room nina. a colour explosion. x
Julie on 2011-04-28 07:58
Hee leuk joh! Het is ook wel een schattig kamertje :)
Anki on 2011-04-28 08:15
Ik vind het een superkamertje en het nieuwe bedje is prachtig! :) Ga nu snel kijken bij Ohdeedoh. Fijne dag!
Franca on 2011-04-29 08:13
Zowel het "oude" als het nieuwe kamertje. Hoe krijg je zoveel sfeer in zo'n klein kamertje? Complimenten!
wendel on 2011-05-03 08:52
Wat een superbedje! Het is ook erg mooi van kleur geworden zeg. Ik was al ontzettend benieuwd naar het resultaat. En eerlijk gezegd, ik ben wel een beetje jaloers hoor! ik ben nog steeds zoekende.... Ik zie heel veel bedjes van 120 cm maar die van 140 of meer zijn wel lastig te vinden. Ik zal dit prachtige bedje maar als inspiratie gebruiken om de zoektocht nog niet op te geven ;-)
krista on 2011-05-09 20:13
I LOVE it! I've been trying to take decent photos of my little boy's nursery for months now. The room is so tiny that I can't get any decent shots. I have alsochanged everything in his room a few times since he's been born. It's strange; I've wanted to organize like crazy since he's been born.
Wasit difficultto find not one, but twomid-century cribs? I was unable to find any in my area and went with a plan Ikea crib. I absolutely adorethe ones you scooped up.
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