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Rosa's birth, #1
Time, time, where art thou? Monday it'll already be three weeks since Rosa was born, and the days just seem to be filled with feeding her, putting her to sleep, putting ourselves to sleep (a pretty important one too, I've already learned!) and meeting with friends and family to show them our lovely little one. Even though I think in general Rosa is a relatively relaxed and easy baby, it's been pretty labour-intensive so far. Two days ago we went to the supermarket with her (my very first trip 'somewhere' after Rosa's birth), and that was already quite a journey... So right now we just stick to cocooning at home. We've been lucky that Helmut could take quite some time off from work, so when he has to go back to work Rosa will already be almost a month old. It's been good to really do this first part together (we have a strict regime of me doing the breastfeeding and Helmut changing her diapers and clothes; it works very well, but I guess I'll really have to adjust to doing both parts once Helmut will go to work again!).
Anyway, Rosa's birth... Let me stop whining about how long ago it already seems in these scarce minutes of spare time that I have and tell you a bit about how it all went...
As you probably remember, Rosa was in breech presentation by the end of my pregnancy, which put us in the position to decide whether we wanted to try a natural birth or a planned c-section. At first I found that a pretty difficult decision to make: I had always imagined myself giving birth at home under natural circumstances, and now the birth would take place in hospital in the first place, and probably under not very natural circumstances in the second place. The idea of a c-section had always seemed scary, unpleasant and very unnatural to me, and somehow I had always thought of it as something that happened to others instead of to me (you know, somehow you always have this irrational image in your head of 'things that happen to others but not to me', and to me a c-section always felt like one of those things...). But on the other hand we didn't feel very comfortable with the idea of giving birth the natural way to a baby in breech position either: there are health risks involved for the baby (especially when it's your first birth), and there's about fifty percent chance that the birth will end in an emergency c-section anyway.
So we tried to make the right decision, and we quickly found that we tended towards the idea of a planned c-section. The experiences you shared with me here on this blog were of great help with that, I must say. I hardly knew anyone who had a c-section before and had no idea what to expect of it, but hearing your experiences on the matter made it possible for me to get more of a real idea about the options I had. We realized that all that really mattered for us was that our girl would be delivered in the safest possible way, and in the end I didn't really care if that would mean that I would have to recover a little longer or wouldn't be able to have the super-holistic-mother-earth-experience of a non-medical homebirth. And so we decided on a planned c-section, and after carefully making this decision we felt completely okay about it and so far haven't ever regretted it a single second.
The idea of planning a birth was pretty strange though. When I was about 37 weeks pregnant, our gynecologist took the 'c-section agenda' that they apparently have over there (an untidy and chaotic looking little booklet with all the appointments for c-sections written down in it) and while she looked at it with a slightly worried face ('we're already fully booked for the next couple of weeks, let's see what I can do', and then she started making phonecalls...), we were waiting eagerly to hear when our baby would be born. At first she came up with december the 20th, but after some consultation with the assistant she decided that it would be thursday december the 16th. Wow, so december the 16th would be the birth date of our baby... A nice date we thought, since it was exactly eight months after the day -the 16th of april- that we first had a positive pregnancy test.
But even planned births can change, we learned a few days later. December the 9th I was in hospital again for one of my by then almost daily checks, and once again my blood pressure was pretty high. I was seeing another gynecologist this time, and all of a sudden she said: 'What do you think of having your baby a few days earlier, if that would be possible?' I happily said that I liked that idea: by then I was feeling completely tired and swollen, the daily hospital visits had become quite a burden and besides that I could hardly wait to meet our baby (a bad reason for planning a birth early, I know!). The gynecologist found a gap in the surgery schedule on monday december the 13th, and all of a sudden I had to call Helmut to tell him that instead of a week later, our baby would already come right after the weekend!
Completely swollen, one day before Rosa's birth (at 38 weeks and 5 days pregnancy). My hands, feet and face were so swollen I thought I would never get back to normal... But guess what: less than three weeks after birth the swelling is already gone and I can finally wear my normal shoes again!
That weekend was pretty bizarre and we were both feeling weird. I just wished for the time to pass, while on the other hand I thought: shouldn't we spend this last time without the baby in a more symbolic way together? So we went for drinks in the city, but I guess both our minds weren't really there. We even went to visit friends on sunday night, without telling them that we would check into the hospital very early the next morning... It felt pretty exciting to keep such a big secret! (we hadn't told anyone the exact date of the c-section, with all this planning we liked to keep the exact moment of birth a secret to family and friends.)
We also took some last pictures that sunday before Rosa was born: officially huge!
Late sunday night we finally went to bed to catch a last bit of sleep, knowing that when we would wake up we would leave for the hospital to finally meet that amazing mystery of the baby that I had been carrying around for so long...
To be continued!


Lisa on 2011-01-01 15:16
Allereerst een heel gelukkig, gezond en liefdevol 2011 met veel mooie verhalen en foto's van al je projecten. Wat heb je dit weer mooi en goed geschreven! En als ik zo lees dat je bloeddruk zo hoog was met ook nog eens een stuitligging, dan is helemaal reuze fijn dat alles goed is gegaan. En wat moet het fijn zijn dat je je schoenen weer aan kunt! De zon schijnt alweer, de sneeuw is weg en ik voel de lente alweer komen!

daan on 2011-01-01 21:22
Wauw zo'n mooie buik en een nog mooiere dochter, die zachte haartjes! Ja, bizar, om te weten wanneer je kindje komen mag, die dag en avond er voor, woei, bijna niet te doen. Ergens ook wel weer 'rustig' om te weten wanneer maar het blijft gek. Wij weten het ook pas tegen het einde dus voor nu nog een verrassing wanneer. Doe maar rustig aan en neem tijd voor je herstel. Een fantastisch 2011 voor jou, Helmut en Rosa! liefs, Daan en co
Stine on 2011-01-01 21:55
Congratulations with little, beautiful Rosa :)
Belinda on 2011-01-01 22:12
Super gefeliciteerd en heel veel geluk met z'n drietjes in 2011! Het blijft toch altijd een wonder, een kindje dat geboren word...
Marije on 2011-01-01 22:17
Hoi Nina, bedankt voor je reactie op m'n blog! Ik heb destijds wel wat gehad aan jou verhaal, het stelde me wel gerust dat het wel goed zou komen. Bedankt nog! En inmiddels hebben we al een goede 20 weken echo gehad. Nu lees ik met veel plezier alle zwanger- en babyverhalen op je blog. Een hel mooi jaar met z'n drietjes gewenst! Veel liefs,
Maaike on 2011-01-01 22:45
Vreemd he, een datum afspreken voor een bevalling! Ik had ook een geplande keizersnee op een maandag, heel raar weekend heb je dan... Benieuwd naar het vervolg! De beste wensen voor 2011 met jullie nieuwe meisje!
Eva/Sycamore Street Press on 2011-01-02 01:12
Nina, she is just beautiful! I love her full head of dark hair and round cheeks! And as for the c-section -- it seems like there are so many things about being a parent that end up being not as expected. I'm learning to be much more flexible than I used to be... for instance -- I always thought I would breastfeed exclusively and never thought I'd have a problem with it. But Ingrid wasn't gaining weight so I am having to  pump and take herbal supplements to try and get my milk production up plus feed her a bottle after almost every time I breastfeed her. Like you said, you just try and do whatever is best and safest for your child.

p.s. Love Rosa's announcement! I still haven't made one for Ingrid :(
dawn on 2011-01-02 02:54
You're a great story teller. I can read about your pregnancy adventures all day long. I'm so happy that your c-section went well and baby Rosa was born a healthy little girl. It's so nice to see you blogging so soon after her birth; thank you for sharing your story! I'm 38 weeks on Monday and still have about 2 weeks left. I am getting very eager to meet her and hope things go well for me too. Happy New Year to you all! Hugs!
Angelique on 2011-01-02 10:21
Allereerst natuurlijk van harte gefeliciteerd met zo'n mooie wolk van een dochter! Ik wens jou, Rosa en Helmut een prachtig 2011 samen. Maar dat gaat ongetwijfeld lukken met z'n drietjes.
Heel erg leuk om jouw bevallingservaringen te lezen. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het vervolg!
Studio Danale on 2011-01-02 19:35
Looking forward to hear the rest of the story. you remind me the feelings before I gave birth 3 and a half years ago. but I had tweens.. I felt REALLY busy no time to stop and think/sleep/leave..
I love your blog and creations.
Kajsa on 2011-01-03 09:34
Congratulations!!! Your stories about your birth and the sudden turn from preparing natural birth to a planned c-section sound so familiar! I experienced that with Elsa, my first baby who had decided to sit stubbornly in my belly in a very peculiar position and it came out natural birth was no option. I was very disappointed at first, but then learned that a c-section is just another exciting way of putting a child to the world, and when you have her in her hands, who cares how she arrived, really!? I'm so happy to hear that everything went well for you and that you are enjoying your magical first weeks with little Rosa!
Sonia on 2011-01-10 20:51
geleliciteerd met baby rosa! wat een leuk verhaal (so far...) gr. sonia
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