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Robin & mould
First of all thanks a lot for all your kind, enthusiastic, sensible and sensitive comments on my last two posts. I found it very interesting to share some of my story with you and hear your thoughts and experiences about the subject.  And so nice to hear from so many of you! Of course as a blogger you're always a bit curious who's reading, and while I already knew that announcing giveaways is a helpful (& personally I think also slightly tricky) way to hear from more from the people who visit your blog, I now know that there's another one: announcing babies! Hmm, I must find a credible way to keep announcing new babies every week... ;)
Anyway, back to creative business. Personally I'm pretty good at starting a lot of new projects and then not finishing them. A while ago I enthusiastically started screenprinting on fabric, and I immediately saw lots of possibilities: a teatowel collection, pillow covers, clothes... But I quickly learned that if you want to do that, the screenprinting itself is only one of the challenging parts of the whole thing: you also need to sew everything, find the right fabrics, check the quality of the fabric and ink after laundry... And somehow somewhere in the middle of that whole process I lost my interest, or maybe I just lost the disciplin to do it all properly. So now all my screenprinted fabric and teatowels still lie in a corner of my studio, washed but not ironed, let alone sewn. And I decided to give the whole project a rest, and for now just stick to enjoying other people's beautiful products made of screenprinted fabric. Like the lovely products sold by etsy shop Robin & mould. And you know, often when you buy something that's beautiful and creative you find yourself thinking: I want to start working on something like this myself as well. But sometimes, especially when you know how much work it can be, you just happily think: I'm glad I can buy this beautiful product without having to make it myself... (who knows, maybe I can blame pregnancy for this creative laziness?)
All the images in this post are of Robin & Mould products, check out their shop for more information!


on 2010-06-30 14:05
Haha, I know exactly how you feel. I screenprint some fabric too, but it's on a pile now to be ironed, then I have ot wash and iron it again and than sew something out of it. I'm not sure if that's ever going to happen, because I already started some new projects. Actually I planned to iron some today and potograph them for my blog. It sunny, so there's enough light but I hate ironing when you can also sit outside in the sun.
The good  thing is that I also screenprinted two t-shirts and two towels. They can just be ironed and then they are ready to us! I have already worn one of the shirts and I am very happy with it.

Perhaps you will pick it up in the winter? Somehow I feel sewing is something you should do on those dark winter evenings....
daan on 2010-07-01 19:14
Wat een mooitjes!! en ooooo, ik ben ook zo aan de ambachtenleer ;-), wil van alles leren en uitproberen maar er zit te weinig tijd in de dag en te veel in mijn hoofd dus 1 ding tegelijk. Mijn nieuwste aanleer ambacht is naailes. Mooie kleertjes naaien en leren tekenen, patronen leren lezen en technieken onder de knie krijgen. Meestal ben ik van aldoende leert men, maar deze keer heuse les en dat schiet op moet ik zeggen, niet steeds het wiel zelf uitproberen. Dus jouw collectie komt er zeker, misschien niet nu maar wel later en daar verheug ik mij al op!
Nina on 2010-07-01 20:12
@ Daan: knap dat het zo snel opschiet met je naailes! Ik ben al jaren af en aan in de 'naaileer', maar echt vlotten doet het nooit, ik heb het volgens mij toch niet echt in me... Ben benieuwd naar jouw projecten (ik zal al een keer de tuinbroek op je blog en dat zag er al indrukwekkend uit!)
Tiger on 2010-07-10 20:13
Aw! That purse is so cute!
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