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Screenprinted postcards
Things are a bit slow around here these days, because my unfortunately often unstable health forces me to slow down a bit. I'm still working on a lot of screenprinting projects but I have to take one step at a time, which is something I'm not always good at. Patience just really isn't my middle name.

Last week I've been doing a lot of screenprinting just for fun, I wanted to make someone a personal present and after making that print I just kept printing in different colors and layers, so I ended up with a lot of prints that I'm not yet sure what to do with. I turned some into postcards and maybe I'll also add a few prints to the shop or give them as a little present with sales from the shop, I haven't figured out yet. Sometimes it's so nice to just make something without any specific purpose, but once you've made all those things and have brought them home it seems a shame not to do anything with them...


Liz on 2010-03-21 18:09
If you put them in the shop I'll buy them for sure. Very pretty. LOVE the yellow+red.
pink on 2010-03-22 03:35
They're wonderful, as is everything you do. If I need a dose of happy, I just visit your blog. Just wanted you to know that - you're one of my design heroes. : )
Octavie on 2010-03-22 12:27
Oeh, mooi.
ourlittlelovenest on 2010-03-22 20:25
I love your birds!!  The colours are wonderful!
I received my photo collage from you on the weekend and it is so perfect!
It almost looks like you can reach in and touch the pieces.  You are an incredible artist and photographer.  I framed the print with a Ribba  frame and only a wee bit of the bottom of the print is hidden with the matting.  I love it so much!  Thank you also for the wonderful extras!!  I need to order "the sweetest things" as well soon.  Big big thank yous and hugs!
nicole on 2010-03-29 12:32
LOVE the yellow + blue = green colorway!
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