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Clean desk versus creative chaos
I always like to see these 'open studio tours' on blogs where artists and crafters show their studios, but there's one thing that has struck me many times: those studios often look so perfectly organized! (at least on the pictures...) An empty desk, a tremendously well-organized IKEA wall system with all art supplies perfectly stored in different boxes, a few pieces of art carefully placed on the wall... and not even a little ink stain on the table or a scrap of paper on the floor.
I do realize that most people tidy up their studio before they take those studio tour pictures. The way my studio looked when it was photographed for IKEA's magazine wasn't how it usually looks either. So I guess we've all been infected with this picture perfect disease when it comes to showing our work spaces. Which is a bit of a shame I think, cause I like to see a studio that shows that someone is actually working in there. And since I'm not such an orderly person and the lack of space in my studio is becoming pretty acute, I thought I'd show you an honest view of what it looks like here when I'm in the middle of some serious production...
In general I do try to keep some order, because I know that I can work more comfortable when I at least have some room around me to move, but when I'm in the middle of making a lot of pieces and filling a kiln, often I need all the space I have. Since my style is a bit of a collage style, I constantly need to have access to different kinds of screenprinted images and little scraps of screenprinted decal paper in different colors.
I cut my images from larger sheets that I have screenprinted earlier at a graphic studio (I don't do that part in my own studio). I try to make little bits of 'stock' of all the shapes that I use in different colors (like dots and triangles), so that I don't have to do all that when I'm actually working on pieces. Also I have this bowl with small scraps of decal paper in different colors, so that I can use those bits for cutting small details.
Of course I also have a large stock of ceramics: huge piles of plates and bowls, lots of pitchers, teapots... All happily taking lots of room for themselves, leaving only the small corners for me...
So, this is my studio during working hours, how's yours? Picture perfect or a bit chaotic? And under which cicumstances do you work best? (I have to admit that working on an empty desk is more comfortable!)


frauheuberg on 2010-01-21 01:45
hello nina,
your pictures are so amazing...only beautiful...and i love the post about the working for me the same...;) until then
Allison on 2010-01-21 09:23
Thank you for sharing!  I love seeing studio spaces (whether tidy or in glorious creative mess).
annamaria on 2010-01-21 18:43
Gorgeous photosNina- I absolutely love looking at other artists' work spaces- it doesn't matter whether they are tidy or not- personally I love a clean working surface more than anything. I treasure my white table, it seems the perfect surface to paint watercolors on. But it does tend to get terribly messy! Thank you for sharing yours- always an inspiration!
Annamaria :)
marije on 2010-01-21 20:44
Hoi Nina,
Nice post, not only because it shows your workplace, but also because it reveals a little about your workstyle. It makes me curious, like how you make those sheets. And I think is is funny to see that you keep your assorted pieces on littl plates instead of in boxes or something like that. I would ever think of that, but I guess it's perfectly normal for a "ceramics person" like you.
Anna on 2010-01-21 22:49
Ik heb het eigenlijk nooit zo in de gaten, totdat ik naar de wc ben geweest en dan zie ik ineens wat een gruwelijke bende het is :). Ik heb de chaos maar geaccepteerd. Alleen als ik schilder, kan ik er stom genoeg absoluut niet tegen.
Leuk kijkje achter de schermen!
Sarah on 2010-01-22 10:26
Jep, same here. Rommel, rommel en nog eens rommel. En dus dromen van een hele grote zolderruimte, helemaal voor mij en mijn rommel alleen. Maar tot dan... zal mijn lief ook met de rommel moeten leren leven. Ach ja, we hebben andere kwaliteiten. Toch?
En ik vind het best wel gezellig... Wat Anna hierboven zegt is anders ook wel erg herkenbaar, hihi.
Maria Helena on 2010-01-22 16:47
Hi !I love workplace/ studio images!
I´m also tired of picture-perfect, they always look great and inspiring, but i´m sure they are not 'real' most of the times. I used to have 2 workplaces in my home, one for messy stuff and another just to use the computer or write.
But i don't anymore, sometimes it's  kinda messy, a healthy messy i must say :)

I've posted about this here :

Hydi on 2010-01-22 16:49
Ha, ik heb een set van borden met die roosjes erop. Van mijn moeder gekregen. En we eten er elke dag uit!
Rachel on 2010-01-23 10:52
Wat leuk om ons een kijkje in je atelier te geven! Mooie foto's weer. En ook leuk om eens te zien hoe die mooie plaatjes dus op dat fantastische servies van je komen.
eva / sycamore street press on 2010-01-24 03:13
very inspiring. 
erin on 2010-01-24 15:11
oh, i know what you mean. there is no way my studio could ever be kept so neat! 

although, i have been making a habit of cleaning up my project mess before starting on something new. or at least i'm trying to make it a habit...
PS- i have a yellow lamp a lot like yours! i just thrifted it for $4 USD last week...i am so happy with it!
liza on 2010-01-27 12:34
Hello nina, i've been admiring your lovely blog. the picture of your board games caught my attention. I used to have a spirograph and can remember spending hours making designs. thanks for taking me back.
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