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Editors must-hear
I know it's not up to me, but if I were the one to decide which records deserve the title 'classic' , Editors' An end has a start would definitely get it. I don't think any album has been touching me more during these last few years, in so many ways. They have a new album now, In this light and on this evening, that I don't know very well yet. I wanted to put up a little link, this one, so you can all listen to this very beautiful accoustic set Editors recently played at Studio Brussel Radio.
Besides the beautiful music it's a rather crappy day here. I'm trying to get my new prints ready for sale, but I keep experiencing smaller and larger issues that keep me from properly finishing the job. Not so nice... In Dutch we say you can have a 'flying start', which means that things start very well (like it was last week when I just had my printer), but often after this first experience of complete bliss, the troubles begin... And that's exactly the stage I'm in now, working very hard without the feeling that it's paying off. Maybe I just should throw some crockery around to express some of my frustration... I have more than enough tableware anyway! ;)


madelief on 2009-10-13 20:43
thanks Nina, this is a wonderful discovery for me. one of the things I like best about this internet age is discovering random music through the sites of 'strangers'.
Nina on 2009-10-13 20:46
Thanks for letting me know Madelief! Makes me really happy to help you discover something so beautiful! ;)
Nicole on 2009-10-13 21:17
Leuke blog, Nina! Ik volg je sinds ik de reportage in de 101 woonideeën las/zag. Begrijp ik nou goed dat je je prints gaat verkopen? Zou erg leuk zijn!
Nina on 2009-10-13 21:27
@ Nicole: ja, klopt! Ik ben druk bezig met de laatste stapjes in het productieproces, nieuws volgt snel! ;)
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