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On and on...
Today we celebrated my sister's bachelorette party, which my younger sister and I had organized (hence the rabbit ears!). It was a great and hilarious day... There were some stressful moments during the planning of the whole thing, but everything went smooth and it was such a lot of fun.
Right now I'm super tired, probably a bit more tired than I should be. I've been working all the time: for my own shop, for some other shops, on commissions... And though lots of the work are super fun, in the end fun work is work too. So I think I should calm down a bit, maybe tomorrow just take the day off completely. I'm going to a fleamarket with my sisters, which usually is a great way of relaxing for me (though not in a physical way, cause I often end up dragging heavy stuff with me!).
I wish I had more time and energy. How do other people do this?


tricia on 2009-09-13 11:53
ha nina, heel fijn om jou website te ontdekken. en je mooie spullen. als ik je posts lees dan heb ik wel het gevoel: dat is iemand met heeeeel veel energie. dus.... :) relax! groetjes en fijne zondag nog.
Katja on 2009-09-14 05:55
your work is so cute! I'm planning my younger sister's bachelorette party right now, and yes it can be stressful! I just hope it will be a fun day for her and everyone :)
I often wonder how on earth you have time and energy for everything, your work, studies and blogging! I have been a lazy blogger lately, it's the first thing I let go off if I am tired, but at the same time I quite miss it and feel like a bad blogger :) As I started new studies this fall I'm still trying to learn the balance of doing the things you love but not getting too tired because of it. I guess taking days off is a good start! :)
Femke on 2009-09-14 16:14
Hai Nina,
Bij het zien van de reportage in 101 Woonideeën was ik erg blij verrast, wat maak je prachtige dingen! Ik heb je genoemd in mijn blog je dit vervelend vind, dan hoor ik het uiteraard graag!
Hartelijke groet,
Sanne on 2009-09-14 21:34
Beautiful new additions to your shop!
Lisa on 2009-09-15 16:44
Als je klaar bent met studeren ben je al zo beroemd dat je leeft van je keramiek en heb je lekker veel tijd! Offf je legt de drempel wat lager. Minder faam, meer balans. Maar dat zal pas na je 30ste zijn denk ik, nu is je ego nog volop in de meerderheid! Neemt niet weg dat het bijzonder leuk is hoor, als je maar in balans blijft, anders gaan wij lezers/kijkers je erg missen.
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