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The new guy
Oh, I know I promised more words after the weekend... Somehow I always feel a little lazy and a 'bad blogger' when my blog posts consist of more images than words, while of course the effort of taking a proper picture can be as big as writing a good text. Cause I don't know what it is with photography... Each time I think I start to master it a bit I end up with a hundred terrible pictures again, and feel I can start from scratch!
Though I've always laughed a bit about this 'bloggers incrowd' with all their talking about the nature of blogs, what they should be like, what the rules and do's and don'ts are and all that, lately I found myself thinking about the kind of blogs I like and the way I make mine. Do the blogs I like have something in common? Am I creating the kind of blog I like, I mean: would I read my own blog? (Yeah, of course I do now, but I mean: if I weren't me ;)) Are there any rules for good blogging? How to keep yourself and your readers happy? Or shouldn't the latter be an issue at all?
It's funny that I always feel I should write interesting posts with elaborate text, and not just post pictures, while at the same time I check a lot of blogs just for their beautiful images, without even reading the texts carefully. Which makes me feel a little guilty at times: like I don't pay enough attention to the effort people take to write about their work, their lifes... I admire people who are super-social even in the virtual world: showing real interest, leaving nice comments, keeping up with what other people are working on...
Of course I know it's not obligatory to keep up with all the blogs in the world, but it's a fact that there are a lot of good ones of nice people who work hard on creating a blog worth reading, so how to select which ones you follow? Do you read only the best writers, the alike personalities, the amazing artists? What makes you wanna read about a stranger's friends and family, the process of creating art, someone's arbitrary opinion on an arbitrary subject? What makes you come back?
I can read blogs of people that fascinate me, but whose personalities really annoy me at the same time, while I can feel bored with blogs of people that make the most beautiful artwork or seem super nice persons. I can care for one person's sick dog (though in general I don't like dogs), while other people's dog stories are way too much for me. It's a bit of getting touched by something somehow and a lot of coincidence I guess. Like some of you may be reading all this, while others just look at the photos of this cute new bear-guy that I purchased at etsy shop Stitchface the other day. Which was actually all I wanted to show you, before I started feeling lazy about my lack of words lately...


Dee Larson~Sullivan on 2009-04-21 03:39
heheh...If you were a sister or close friend I would say, ' relax'... I love reading your blog but if a blog doesn't keep your attention, why not just look at the pictures?  I only read if I want to. Be a rebel and dump the rules.  Isn't this whole thing about inspiring yourself and others? 
(p.s. I love the new guy. think my little Bella may need a new guy)
Dee Larson~Sullivan on 2009-04-21 04:23
I was worried that my comment sounded badly. I hope it didn' are just so great at keeping your readers attention and some bloggers just don't have that gifting.  You're really inspirational. (sorry if I am rambling)
corine/hidden in france on 2009-04-21 06:00
I find there is a blog for every mood. Sometimes I want to connect with someone, sometimes I want to learn, sometimes I want to stalk, feel indignant or be inspired and sometimes I just feel like looking at pretty pictures.
nath on 2009-04-21 12:38
I don't know - you raise so many of the points I ponder on myself.  Sometimes I read every word, sometimes I just look at the pictures. I guess I want to feel as though I'm part of the blogging community, where you interact and connect and support. But sometimes I don't.
Corine has written eloquently on the subject of the blogging here -
Which I'm sure you've already read seeing as your ceramics were featured! But she makes some very good points which chime with what you're saying.

Nina on 2009-04-21 13:41
@ Dee: Oh,no worries, it doesn't soundbad at all! I know this isn't the category of, say, 'real problems', so it's not something to worry about deeply, but it's more the kind of thoughts or worries you can have on an 'everyday life' level.
@ Nath: Yes, I know Corine's post! ;) And reading back, she's indeed making a few similar points in there. But I'm not just questioning why I get bored or why I oftendon't read as attentively as I feel I should, it's also that I'm also wondering why some blogs do keep getting my attention. I guess I'm trying to find my own recipe for the perfect blog... ;)
Lisa on 2009-04-21 13:42
Ik vebaas me altijd (op een prettige manier) over de hoeveelheid foto's van1 product. Ik vind het erg leuk om zoveel plaatjes te kijken, doordat het zoveel foto's van hetzelfde zijn worden ze behangetjes bij de tekst en dat is wel gezellig. Veel plaatjes isleuker dan veel tekst, vind ik, mijn eigen blog daar geen goed voorbeeld van,haha. Maar goed, ik ben dan ook veel te chaotisch om een goede blogger te zijn. Groet,Lisa
Nina on 2009-04-21 14:12
@ Lisa: ja, dat is een gevolg van mijn 'ik-maak-graag-veel-foto's-en-kan-dan-niet-kiezen'-persoonlijkheid ;). Maar ook wel omdat ik het mooi qua beeld vind om tekst en foto's af te wisselen. Daarom raak ik ook altijd enigszins in de stress als ik veel beeld en weinig tekst heb: het liefst heb ik de volgorde 'alinea-foto-alinea-foto' etc. Maar goed, dat is dan weer mijn ding!
Tena on 2009-04-21 15:30
Nina, You're great - I look for your blog every morning - whatever it is - sights, words....all good and inspiring...
The Deco Detective on 2009-04-21 20:41
First and foremost: I read it! I think I've commented on your writing before, so you know it's true =)
It's very interesting to be part of the blogging community as it is so new - the rules aren't nailed to the wall like in old communities. What I find is: I love great pictures and a goodlooking layout, but there has to be something behind - a philosophy, a story, real thoughts - for me to want to return. I'm always afraid of writing too much text on my own blog because I think that people don't read it anyway. But that's not the point of a blog, is it? To do what you think is expected? Then it will never be honest.
I definitely think you should write! Not everybody can read everything, but some people will always read what one writes and maybe become inspired by it?

Elizabeth on 2009-04-21 20:54
Een goede mix van tekst en inspirerende foto's maakt een blog voor mij aantrekkelijk. Daarom lees ik deze blog! En ik ben blij dat je honden ook niet leuk vindt, dat lijkt tegenwoordig bijna een zonde. Vooral in de blogwereld. Dat lyrische gedoe over honden en katten, ik snap er niks van! Maar ja, ik heb dan ook nooit zo'n beest gehad. En inderdaad, van de een kun je hondenverhalen beter hebben dan van de ander...vreemd!
groetjes, Elizabeth
Nina on 2009-04-23 16:20
Oh thanks, it's so nice to know that you're allactually reading ;)!
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