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The Juno bed
Ever since my sister is pregnant, I've been trying to convince her to buy a vintage Juno bed, or one of it's recent remakes. In vain, unfortunately, cause she's already found another bed. So if my sister doesn't listen to me, maybe the readers on my blog do? ;) Here's a little ode to the beautiful Juno bed!
Original Juno beds, photos Junosengen and Bruun-Rasmussen, via Daddytypes
For the Danish this is probably all old news, because I learnt that the Juno bed is more or less part of their collective memory. But I only saw the little children's bed for the first time a few years ago, and ever since I've seen it popping up in a lot of interior productions about Danish homes. The bed was designed in the beginning of the 1940s by the Danish designer Viggo Einfeldt. Unfortunately my Danish is not that good (though with my Dutch background I can understand a little of it), but there's this very informative Danish website about the 'Juno seng', where you can read all about it's history. Some information about the bed's history in English can also be found here.
advertisements for the original Juno beds, via junosengen
One of the fun parts of the Juno bed is that's it's convertible into three different length settings, so that a child can stay in the same bed from baby to five or six years old (?... I'm not that into children's lengths!).
A Juno bed at the home of flickr-user Smilerynker. And look, I have the same vintage wallpaper in my wallpaper patchwork!
Though the original Juno bed isn't in production anymore, a lot of different reproductions are still being made in Denmark. With a bit of searching I already found the Sebra kili bed,  the lille-per-seng and the new juno bed. A few weeks ago I also spotted the Noah bed, but that website seems to have vanished mysteriously... Maybe something with the copyright (cause I guess not every company can just start reproducing the original design)?


nath on 2009-04-09 14:48
How lovely. I have never seen this bed before. We have just had a bed made for Iris after she got too big for the 1960s cot we borrowed from a friend. But it makes sense to buy something that will last, as well as it looking beautiful of course! 
Dee Larson~Sullivan on 2009-04-09 16:27
I do love these!  Wishing I was rich today.  I would so love one in an aqua, yellow...even the white one would be fun with bright bedding like Bella's. xo
adhdprikkels on 2009-04-09 19:57
Nice, in between a bed and a cage, just kidding. Luckely for us there lots of nice vintage childrenbeds in thriftshops, but not this practical!
Kerry on 2009-04-09 20:21
Mega thanks for this! I have seen these extremely cute beds in the Copenhagen and Stockholm Jeu De Paumes books and I really wanted to know what they were called, so I could do a bit of research into them. Now I don't have to. They look so beautifully made. I'm definitely listening to you!
read me... on 2009-04-09 23:57
If I were having a baby, this would be my dream cot/bed!!
Octavie on 2009-04-10 09:31
Ah, wat een zalig bedje! Ge-wel-dig!
mus on 2009-04-11 09:01
ben er ook weg van. echt een hebbeding. ze staan in m'n paumes boekje over kinderkamers in kopenhagen. leuk met zo'n boekenrek (waar het boekje ook mee vol staat).
on 2009-04-24 20:01
oh, i love this! i wish i could have found something like this here in the us. as it was i went with ikea...oh well. i was interested to see the noah beds, because that's my son's name, but the link is broken!
ribambins on 2009-09-21 15:50
Really interesting post.  A beautiful and ingenious piece of furniture!
mariah on 2009-12-27 14:27
Hi Nina!
I have just discovered your blog today,you have posted so many great photos,
it will take some time to read and see everything....
and I just love this Juno bed,this is the first time I heard for it,love that is convertible....
I have my old child-bed and a very long and strait balcony,and you just gave me an idea
to take off one part of it and make a bench for balcony,to sit down and drink coffee....thanks!
All I have is wait until spring to take it ouside and paint it!
Greetings from Croatia!
Krista on 2013-11-21 14:29

a friend gave ma an old juno crib for my new grandson. a woman was giving it away because it doesn't meet u.s. standards and so she is not allowed to offer it on craigslist or ebay. it does not have a mattress so i have been in touch with noah beds in denmark to order a mattress that fits the dimensions. their site is up and running and they have a facebook page which i have been using to communicate with them via the message area. the mattress is about 97 us dollars and i am waiting to hear how much it will cost to ship. their is a mattress and then an extension piece that can also be ordered to lengthen the bed when the baby is older. my old juno bed has no way to hold the rails on safely but the representative from noah beds suggested simply using a screw to attach them. the newer noah beds apparently have been upgraded. if it turns out to be too expensive to ship the mattress i plan to buy some upholstery foam and make my own or if anyone sees this post and has one of these mattresses in good condition, please contact me. thank you for your blog on this beautiful little crib! - grandma in virginia

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