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The man with the odd bio is back
What to expect of someone who writes this in his bio?
'Hi, here are some things I am thinking about:
circles of light, the Arctic, witches, mammals, Samoa,
the slavery of addiction and viral late stage capitalism, woman power,
families treasuring their transgendered children,
the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change,
feral intuition and a global new two-spirit alliance,
forests, oxygen, carbon,
patriarchal religions and heirarchies that would rather catalyze apocalypse than admit
that centuries of male domination have almost destroyed us,
a feminist revolution might save our world'
Well, some very good music apparently, since this kind of peculiar bio is written by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. I'm currently listening to the band's new album, The crying light, but the song in this video, from their first album, is still one of my very favorites.
I also discovered a few Antony & the Johnsons songs on Youtube that were new to me, but both very beautiful: this one and this one. Oh, and if you're listening anyway, why not spend a few minutes more and listen to this beauty too?


Poelekie on 2009-01-19 20:59
Antony's voice is highly fascinating, it's completely unique and só emotive! The first time I heard his song "For today I am a boy" I cried, it evokes all these feelings and ugh... I can't even describe it! :-)
What's funny is that I just finished reading an article about him in the VPRO-gids when I saw your post!
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