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The weirdest coming home... ever (part two)
You'll understand this one much better when you read part one first... Don't start reading down here... It's a spoiler!
... So I looked at the ceiling, and then the quite amazing truth dawned on me: the ceiling had been painted!
The ceiling had been painted? Is that the whole story?, you may ask. Yeah, that's the whole story, and as far as I should believe the people I've told about it, it's a story of true romance and chivalry. Let me tell you a bit about our ceiling to explain...
When we moved into this apartment a year ago, the ceiling in our living room was in a very poor condition, so the housing society that we rent the appartment from decided that we'd get a newly plastered ceiling. I liked that idea: a crisp and clean plastered ceiling instead of the damaged old one. When the plasterer arrived, I told him that I liked the ceiling to be as flat as could be, without any bubbles or anything. But the guy told me that he had instructions to create a ceiling with a waving relief pattern in the plastering. I argued with him, telling him that I preferred a plain flat plaster, but the man didn't really listen and told me that the way he did it was very common and modern, and that it actually was a whole lot of work and much more 'luxurious' than plain plastering. Actually, we should be happy that our housing society was willing to pay for such labor-intensive, expensive plastering. Not being a person who knows much about plastering (and in the end, as a renter not being in charge), I hesitantly agreed.
As soon as I saw the result of the plastering, I knew I didn't like it. The ceiling had a very obvious relief pattern, with a repeat of ugly wave shapes. Also, it looked very dark greyish and stained. But the professional painter that we hired to help us with the painting job said it just wasn't dry yet, that would take several weeks and after that it would surely look even and beautiful. He strongly adviced us not to paint the ceiling, cause that would destroy the beautiful relief that the plasterer had been working so hard on. I didn't really agree, but Helmut was happy we didn't have to paint the ceiling, as we already had so much painting work to do. 'Once it's dry, you won't notice the staining and relief anymore,' they all told me...
But of course that wasn't true. While our walls got painted in a beautiful white, the ceiling plastering remained greyish, dark and stained, with that awful oldfashioned wave relief structure clearly visible whenever you looked at it. While I decorated our living room and was pleased with many of the furniture and decoration, I kept hating the ceiling. I wished I'd never listened to those people poorly advising me, but felt there wasn't much I could do anymore: we could hardly paint the ceiling now that the room was full of furniture and many, many other things, emptying the room would take ages and I knew how much Helmut hated the redecoration of our home a year ago. He was so happy when we were finished back then that he would never agree on starting to paint again for my silly 'hating the ceiling', while he hardly noticed it. So every now and then I complained about it (actually quite often, as unfortunately I'm not that good at getting over things like this), not expecting much change...
I don't have many before photos of the ugly ceiling, as I always avoided taking them, but on this one you see a bit of the wave pattern. It may not be that visible on this photo, but imagine the repeat made it look much worse!
But here it was, my surprise birthday present (my birthday was november the 9th): a painted ceiling! It turned out that Helmut had secretly organized the whole operation, with the help of his mother and the friend who looked after our home during the holiday. They had taken away all the stuff from the living room (Which is a LOT! Can you imagine: all my little things, collections and ceramics!) and put protective foil on the floor and on all large furniture. Then a painter had sanded the whole ceiling to get rid of the relief structure, and afterwards he had painted the now even ceiling in the same white as the walls.
So no burglars, earthquakes or make-over-tv-shows... Just some very helpful people and a sweet loving boyfriend making this huge ceiling project happen. And oh my... it looks so good!


on 2008-11-14 09:35
How sweet! I love the lamp!
jana on 2008-11-14 13:14
Your boyfriend is so kind to you! I can´t imagine my husband would do something like this for me :-). I would be very happy to come home and find a repainted living room.
heather moore on 2008-11-14 16:23
I love, love, love that story! He knows you so well! What a great boyfriend you have, and how well he understands the more subtle forms of romance!
Anna @ D16 on 2008-11-14 21:13
That is the best kind of story! I love it. How wonderful. :)
liz langley on 2008-11-14 22:10
what a sweet thing to do! such a real demonstration of love. :)
Concha on 2008-11-14 22:22
What a wonderful story! It's making me smile! :)
Thereza on 2008-11-17 19:39
looks great and that lamp is beautiful. i have a gorgeous floor lamp my other half bought us when he was in amsterdam :)
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