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Animal farm
Oh I know that I've always been saying that I'm not much of the animal loving type, but lately my home starts to suggest the contrary... A quick putting together of some of the animals shows no less than 13 of them (the seven Dala horses included!) in my home. All the animal inspiration from the craft scene probably inspires me...
Though it's not scientifically proven, I've come to think that craft lovers & creative people are more fond of pets/animals than average. On so many art & craft blogs I see people writing about all kinds of pets too. It would be a nice little experiment: if every person reading this would write down in the comment box wether you have pets or not (just a yes or a no will do, but feel free to write a little more about your specific pet/animal if you wish, or about the animal that you'd like to have but don't have (yet)...), we could learn something about the amount of animal lovers among at least the readers here. Though then of course I would also have to find out what's average!
Says the red Dala horse to the blue one: 'You know all Dala horses are equal, but the large red ones are just a little more equal than the small blue ones...'
So folks, will you join my 'creatives love animals more than average'-experiment? Give me a yes (yes I love/have pets) or a no (no I don't have/like pets) in the comment box! Results will be published (if not in any scientific journal, then at least here...).


Nina on 2008-09-18 18:36
Well let me get started: I'm a no...!
Anna @ D16 on 2008-09-18 19:37
Well, I'm an animal lover and I've always had lots of pets! I think there is truth to what you suspect is a trend. A lot of children who grow up to be artists or involved in the arts spend their childhoods a little bit on the outside -- feeling different from other people, maybe a little less able to relate to their peers. Many of them find that they can relate and bond with pets more than they can humans, and a lifelong love of animals is developed! I've seen this time and time again.
Dawn on 2008-09-18 19:56
um yes....I LOVE animals. Thanks so much for featuring one of my Jacks. :) xoxo 
Kaylovesvintage on 2008-09-18 20:19
Mirjam on 2008-09-18 20:56
YES! Two rabbits, a cat and several stuffed animals. I sure love animals!
margie Oomen on 2008-09-18 21:52
Absolutely yes!! We have 2 cats, Arwen and Edgar after loosing Beyonce this summer in an accident. We are seriously thinking about getting a puppy we just have to decide on what sort. I love your collection
lu summers on 2008-09-18 22:05
well, i like animals (y'know cats and dogs, not so keen on caged ones such as hamsters) but i don't have any. we are planning to once we move to the farm...i can't wait to go walking over the fields with a couple of black labs!
i own about a million pastic animals though, does that count?
stine on 2008-09-18 22:12
YES! Cat. Brown. Like chocolate. 5th family member. My first baby ;))
Nina on 2008-09-18 23:28
Ahem... if it goes on like this, my hypothesis will be validated a hundred procent! Come on, folks-that-don't-really-like-animals-but-are-creative-types, don't be shy! Or am I really the only one?
@ Doorsixteen: Interesting theory, I think Ican relate to that. Only I felt a bit like an outsider too when I was a kid, but still I didn't like animals... Imagine how lonely that must've been, basicallynot being able to relate to any living creature in the world... ;-) No, just kidding, it wasn't that bad...
Well, so much fun to have all these animal loving people around!
Kristin on 2008-09-18 23:36
Yes, I have a dog that I COMPLETELY ADORE :) Her name is Viktoria and she is patiently waiting under my desk for dinner :)
Thereza on 2008-09-19 00:15
yessss! i have 2 beautiful pussy cats! they inspire me so much :)
Dee on 2008-09-19 01:47
As a collector of folk/craft animals, let me just say I am lusting after your animals collection!

I have two dogs right now.  Two mutts, one of who is warming my feet as he snoozes under my art table. 
Don't get me started on the number/assortment of pets I've had growing up.
gracia on 2008-09-19 01:48
Pets? Yes, I have quite a few. Three cats (Omar, Olive and Mishii), two budgies (Agatha and Claude), two fish (Hercule and Arthur) and I am currently minding a friend's dog whislt they are away (a little westie called Wilbur). Yep, quite a few animals, but there is always room for one or two more.
see you, g
gracia on 2008-09-19 01:49
P.S. Love your collection!
on 2008-09-19 03:33
yes, I have a dog and he even has his own blog:! he is waiting for me to take him out right now so i must run, but i love your collection!
on 2008-09-19 04:25
I love animals. At the moment I have only one cat. I would like to have a dog some day & grew up with tons of pets.
Patricia on 2008-09-19 06:04
No, I don't! :( My son and I wish we had a kitten named Zipper and a turtle named Marvin, though.
heather moore on 2008-09-19 08:07
Yes! We have two kitties, and loads of animal collections all over our apartment.  
on 2008-09-19 11:30
YES! Two rabbits and a horse
Esther on 2008-09-19 12:30
Yes! Four cats and one dog. I love all animals but I'm mostly a cat person, I've always had cats (and rabbits, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, birds etc as a child) - wouldn't know what life is like without them. I can relate to the outsider theory as well ;) 
Ursula on 2008-09-19 18:20
I love cats and their quirky personalities. I only hope that I'm half as entertaining to my cat as he is to me!
Mevrouw Walvis on 2008-09-19 19:05
Yes! Preferably cats. If I lived in the countryside I'd get a dog, a pony, some sheep and goats too:)
Concha on 2008-09-19 20:47
No, I must confess I don't like pets. Everybody thinks I'm ridiculous but I'm totally against the domestication of animals. And I hate the zoo. Oh well...
MamaSuikerschatje on 2008-09-22 21:16
We used to have two cats, both dead now. And a birdie last year. Also dead. Now we have 'een wandelende tak' (?english) that only lasts a year, ideal! Cheap too! I like animals, would like to have a cat, but Roy says that animals should be free to go for a walk outside. I agree on that one.And so one day when we will have a house on the countryside I will have a cat. >> I really despice stroking a goat! Yek!
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