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Photos that make you smile
Today I want to introduce you to a photographer whose work I just adore, cause it's so very playful, with a vintage twist and a great eye for detail. Simone is a web designer from Munich, Germany, and a very talented photographer in her free time. I wanted to know more about her and her photography, and asked her for a little interview. Read more about Simone after the first beautiful photo!
Simone, can you tell something about who you are, where you live and about your (creative/professional) background?
My name is Simone and I'm a web designer; I live and work in Munich, Germany. I studied architecture, which was very inspiring for me, but the idea of working as an architect lost its attraction for me in the course of my studies. Therefore I started doing Web Design and I'm now responsible for the web page graphics of a German broadcasting station.
I became interested in photography a few years ago, when a friend lent me his camera. Since then I have enjoyed playing with motives and have made myself familiar with the camera.
In my spare time I love rummaging through flea markets, lying in the grass with a cocktail or rearranging the furniture in my flat.

What inspires you for your photography?
Basically things, which I find in toy shops and at flea markets, but also beautiful details in urban space [building details, hotels…].
As far as impression is concerned, I`m inspired mostly by magazines or other Flickr photos. On flickr, there are so many talented photographers; I can look at their stunning pictures for hours.

What are your favorite photo subjects?
On one hand, my favourites are still life pictures with toys or sometimes with people.
On the other hand, I like to see and to photograph the patterns in objects. [I think that’s a leftover from my architectural studies]

What do you think are the ingredients of a good photo?
A good photo has to have an effect on me somehow: make me smile, scare me or become food for thought.

Which of your pictures is your own favourite?
I like
this photo of some good friends, because they're acting so naturally. That makes me smile.

Do you have some advice for people who want to take better photos?
Hmm, It's hard to generalize, because everyone defines a good photo in a different way. For me, for example, technical perfection comes second, sometimes it's actually boring. I try to improve image details and interesting motives. I think, everyone has to find his or her own personal style.
Currently, I`m a big fan of the
vintage look, lots of pictures look much better with it.

What type of camera do you use?
Mostly a Canon EOS 400, sometimes a Polaroid, image elite, and sometimes my Mobile phone

You also have your own website, with a blog and some pages about flea markets and your city. Can you tell something more about your website?
Oh, my poor little website. I treat it like an orphan... I started it with big ideas, but unfortunately I do not always find the time to keep up with it.
The blog is an archive of things for me and I use it to communicate with some of my friends.
Additionally, I wanted to start a short city guide for Munich, which introduces all the beautiful shops, flea markets and other nice places that Munich offers. Munich among all German cities, still has the reputation of being a boring, old fashioned metropolis for posh people. But since a few years that opinion isn't correct anymore, in my opinion.

Can you mention some of your favourite blogs/websites?
There are so many! But I look at these daily:

and of course flickr...
...and definitely ninainvorm :-)
(says Nina: you understand that saying this is obligatory when being interviewed here... ;)!)
Thank you Simone for sharing your thoughts and of course your beautiful photos!


pip on 2008-08-29 00:33
Oh Nina!  These are just gorgeous!  I love the little budgerigar!  You always find the best things!
Binal on 2008-08-29 07:59
oh such an inspirational interview and photos! thank you so much for sharing nina! hugs, Bin
Cesca on 2008-08-31 17:56
Wow, Nina...I loved this interview....and the photographs are wonderful..... just the sort of thing I would like to take (if I were another person!)  I have added Simone as a contact so I can keep up with her stuff and will be checking out her website and other's funny what she says about Munich, because that is exactly the view that people in Berlin have about Munich....I have some friends there, so I will be going to visit.... and I'll be checking out with Simone for tip...specially on flea markets. Love Cesca x
K. Sundari Carmody on 2008-09-02 16:12
These photographs were very interesting and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing! Love it so much! 
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