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The night after the book presentation I had another exciting thing planned: an Editors concert! I liked it a lot, but can anyone please explain me what this stupid clapping thing is? And then I don't mean the applauding at the end of a song... Seriously, each time as soon as there was some sort of rhythm detectable in the music, the audience started clapping that rhythm like madmen... I sometimes almost felt like I was at an Andre Rieu concert! Is this something only the Dutch do, or is it common at concerts these days (guess I'm getting old...)? Ah, I guess I'm never that fond of too much audience participation. Enthusiasm is great, but please let the band do their thing without spoiling it with the stupid clapping thing...
(they do it here as well... come on, this isn't a clapping song! ;))
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Kate McGarrigle * February 6, 1946 – January 18, 2010
I have so many childhood memories listening to Kate & Anna McGarrigle's music... So sad to hear Kate McGarrigle died last monday.
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... I just have to listen to this song... Oh wasn't she a cool person to share your first name with?
I know it's not up to me, but if I were the one to decide which records deserve the title 'classic' , Editors' An end has a start would definitely get it. I don't think any album has been touching me more during these last few years, in so many ways. They have a new album now, In this light and on this evening, that I don't know very well yet. I wanted to put up a little link, this one, so you can all listen to this very beautiful accoustic set Editors recently played at Studio Brussel Radio.
Besides the beautiful music it's a rather crappy day here. I'm trying to get my new prints ready for sale, but I keep experiencing smaller and larger issues that keep me from properly finishing the job. Not so nice... In Dutch we say you can have a 'flying start', which means that things start very well (like it was last week when I just had my printer), but often after this first experience of complete bliss, the troubles begin... And that's exactly the stage I'm in now, working very hard without the feeling that it's paying off. Maybe I just should throw some crockery around to express some of my frustration... I have more than enough tableware anyway! ;)
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Spring can't come fast enough for me... I always have this feeling of butterflies in my belly when it's first signs appear. Yesterday I actually realized that about all the love affairs I've had during the years started or bloomed around spring: maybe I've always confused relief and happiness for spring to arrive with falling in love with someone? Well, I'm not sure how association exactly works, but right now I feel this desire to fall in love again. But since I already have someone to love, I thought it would be better to look for some sublimation... Which is of course never hard to find at Rob Ryan's shop. And as falling in love always makes you a little weak in the knees... these will be coming my way!
Oh and this song gives me that happy spring feeling too!
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What to expect of someone who writes this in his bio?
'Hi, here are some things I am thinking about:
circles of light, the Arctic, witches, mammals, Samoa,
the slavery of addiction and viral late stage capitalism, woman power,
families treasuring their transgendered children,
the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change,
feral intuition and a global new two-spirit alliance,
forests, oxygen, carbon,
patriarchal religions and heirarchies that would rather catalyze apocalypse than admit
that centuries of male domination have almost destroyed us,
a feminist revolution might save our world'
Well, some very good music apparently, since this kind of peculiar bio is written by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. I'm currently listening to the band's new album, The crying light, but the song in this video, from their first album, is still one of my very favorites.
I also discovered a few Antony & the Johnsons songs on Youtube that were new to me, but both very beautiful: this one and this one. Oh, and if you're listening anyway, why not spend a few minutes more and listen to this beauty too?
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Though the dutch summer seems to have vanished before it even started, I'm still occupied with the subject of finding some good summer music (see this for summer music #1). You, my dear readers, helped me a lot with some great suggestions from all over the world. And I've found some more myself, which I of course want to share in return.
My first two bits of summer music are a little unusual and quite personal indeed. On holiday in Perugia, we went to a REM concert with Editors as a support act. I've been a huge Editors fan for some time, and always thought that Editors was more an example of 'winter music', but after their great live performance in sunny Perugia by night, I changed my mind. 'Smokers outside the hospital doors' and 'When anger shows' are some of my long time favorites, and this is just a bit of 'I-was-there-too'-fetishism.
Then REM. I've never been an enormous REM fan: I've always liked their music and loved listening to some of their albums now and then, but not in a big-fan-way. But their live show was such a pleasant surprise, I think they're an amazing live band. A few examples that describe the atmosphere (and yes, I was there!): check (it may be such an old song and you've heard it way too many times, but when they play it, it still creates such a great vibe...), check and check.
Then there's my father's favorite, a south-african singer called Gert Vlok Nel. Yeah I know, a bit of a weird name for the dutchmen among us, but his poetic music is great to listen to on a sultry, lazy summer night (Oh god of the weather, give us a few of those!). This song, Beautiful in beaufort-wes, is really nice, and what to think of a song called Timotei sjampoe?
And what's summer without Manu Chao's amazing online radio channel La Radiolina? You can choose from a range of different playlists with Chao's and his musical friends' music, with theme's such as 'La trankila. Hangover selection' (my favorite, also without the hangover) and 'La revoltosa. The wild one'. The website is accompanied by some typical über-colorful Manu Chao-style artwork that will give you a guaranteed happy summer feeling, and for those with their heart on the left side, there's a lot of political and (anarchist) revolutionary pamphlets to be read on Manu's website.
And for those with a bit of a Balkan-beat-crush: I believe these are actually 2007 summer hits, but as I didn't know them back then, I just make them my 2008 summer hits: check and check.
By the way: I'm preparing such a cool post for tomorrow morning! So stay tuned...
My taste in music seems to vary with the seasons. On dark, cold and rainy days (of which there are a lot in the Netherlands) I prefer music which has a bit of a dark and melancholic character. On the other hand I love happy music from all over the world, but I prefer to listen to that kind of music when the weather matches the summer feeling of the music at least a little bit (which currently isn't the case here).
So far, almost all of my summers had their own soundtrack. There were quite some years with Manu Chao and Mano Negra dominating, then there were years with the Buena Vista Social Club and other cuban music, there was a summer listening to Amparanoia, one dancing to Shakira and one loving the rythms of Etoile de Dakar, and not to forget a lovely summer filled with Amadou & Mariam. And of course, there's always some Paolo Conte, some Orchestra Baobab, and often some Jarabe de Palo, Orishas and Yann Tiersen. And, quite corny (okay: very corny), but I can't help loving this too for a long summer night (Oh, and this gives me such a summer feeling too!).
But what will it be this summer? Maybe it's that I'm just not discovering much new music anymore, but so far, I haven't found anything that could become this year's summer soundtrack yet. So far, orthodox jewish reggae singer Matisyahu is my best candidate. Anyone some good advice?

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Well, I think it is, and I always have a hard time not falling in love with Madrugada's lead singer Sivert Høyem. When I see pictures of the guy, I always realize that he isn't very handsome or anything, and I certainly don't like every Madrugada song, but it's that voice... Warm, dark, deep, melancholic, strong, hypnotizing... There are poorer reasons to fall in love with someone, aren't there? Here's a song, and here and here are some more!
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Elke belangrijke periode in je leven heeft zijn eigen soundtrack. Beirut maakte het klussen in ons nieuwe huis enigszins draaglijk en soms zelfs fijn. Nu maar hopen dat ik hun prachtige muziek niet tot in het einde der tijden met verf, stof en terpentine zal blijven associëren.
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