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The tableware that we use on a daily basis here isn't all that special: in fact it's a rather eclectic mix of mismatched vintage plates, cups and bowls. When I buy piles of vintage plates for the shop, there are often some with small flaws among them that end up in our own home collection. So that 'daily stash' isn't exactly the kind of tableware that I'd use for a festive diner.

Somehow we never use the ceramics that I make at home. Must have something to do with the fact that most things end up in the shop, but I guess it's also true that you develop a certain familiarity with the things you make yourself that can quickly turn into boredom if you surround yourself with it too much. Let's say it's about keeping work and private life separate ;).

So when I wanted some nice new plates that would fit special occasions a bit better than our current mishmash, I turned towards my all times favorite Marimekko. But the thing with Marimekko is that I always like so many of their things, and my budget only allows me to buy a few, so I can never really decide. And then I thought: isn't it silly that I can make something for myself but never do it? So just like that I made a set of four diner plates for myself, or well, for us... Let's hope it'll survive my household (in particular my 'throwing-things-in-the-dishwasher-goes-faster' man ;))!


Psst... only this weekend: 20% discount on everything in the shop, except custom orders/made to order items (the items listed here in the made to order section).

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Another poster came from the printing office this week, that means another introduction offer! This A3 sized Mushrooms poster sells for only EUR 10 (instead of the normal price of EUR 16) all through the month of February (and of course through this last bit of January... ;)).

And psst... Shipping costs are only EUR 2.50 for the Netherlands and EUR 4 worldwide! You can buy the poster here, but if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can also send me an email if you want to order from me directly.

By the way this poster came into existence in a funny way... When I'm crafting with Rosa, somehow I always get lots of ideas and feel tempted to do some drawing and doodling for myself. Of course she never lets me: so far she doesn't seem to get carried away by her own creativity yet, but always wants me to sit with her and make things for her. So when we're drawing or cutting and pasting together, I always secretly try to sneak in some quick cut/draw moments for myself when Rosa isn't paying attention for a split second. This often results in really quick 10-second-sketches and very rudimentary shapes cut from scraps of paper. And some of those rudimentary shapes became the starting point of this poster...



You may have noticed, but I'm not that good with 'seasonal things'. You know, when it's Christmas and there's red and green and snowflakes and reindeers everywhere, I just can't help but want blue, pink and yellow, and rainbows and sunshine and flamingos and tropical fish and things like that. It must be my inner adolescent, but each time the whole world turns into one direction I just want to go the other way. Oh well, and I've never liked that Christmas red and green combination, that too. 

I've noticed it more often, that I seem to be missing this 'it's-that-time-of-the-year' radar. I never think about designing Christmas cards in September, so that I can have them in the shop by November. I never manage to do big shop updates just before the gift/holiday season gets started, but I always come up with a whole bunch of new things by the start of January (you see ;)). I don't do Valentine's specials or Autumn leaves collections. Somehow I just always miss out on that kind of things.

So I guess it can't be called a surprise that about a month ago I got very much inspired by mushrooms, and started working on a colorful mushroom collection. And then it dawned on me: you're too late with your mushrooms, they're an Autumn thing and Winter is already around the corner! And then it dawned on me that I really don't care about that seasonal kind of thing, and that there must be more people like me out there, so I hope you don't mind either...

So: lots of new things in the shop, with the images of Autumn and the colors of Spring ;).

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Lately I find myself being very much attracted to black. I guess it all started here, with the black chalkboard wall in the nursery in our previous apartment...

Then there was the black wall in our current living room, some more black wall in Rosa's new room, and right now there's also a lot of black in the things I make. I particularly love the way other colors pop up so brightly when being combined with black.

It always fascinates me how tastes and styles develop and change, and how trends work. I've never considered myself much of a trend follower or someone obsessed with the latest fashions, and I think throughout the years what I like has been very much a steady thing: I like color, I like patterns, I like vintage, I like bold graphics and I've never been quite the minimalist type.

On the other hand I follow quite a few blogs, and I'm an avid pinterest user, and I think from checking pinterest often you can very much distill what people like here and now. So though I may feel my own taste doesn't change that much, I guess I'm more or less aware of 'the latest styles'. I have no pretentions to be some sort of Li Edelkoort, but you don't have to be to see that there's obviously been a shift from the very girly, feminine, floral and colorful vintage/brocante style that was all over the place a few years ago towards a more graphic style: the black and white, the geometry, the simple graphic triangle, harlequin and diamond shapes. No crazy mix of bright colors, but a softer mix of ochre, grey, coral and mint.

And I think I'm fooling myself when I say it doesn't influence me. That my taste still is the same as five years ago. And who cares, really? It's good not to be stuck in the same thing forever. It doesn't make you more sincere or authentic when you always keep surrounding yourself with the same stuff. We don't have to stick to 1970s orange and green only because we once liked it ;).

But still it sometimes leaves me puzzled. Is this really me liking this, or is it just some sort of Zeitgeist thing that we eventually all fall for? If you keep seeing it, will you love it in the end? Is there something wrong now with the things we loved five years ago? Is it inevitable that we get bored and must move on to something else eventually?

I think these questions pop up in particular when it comes to the things you create yourself. Is this really mine? Am I still working from my own perspective, my own source of ideas and aesthetics, or am I being influenced too much by other people's espressions and ideas?

Well, I still like bright colors, even though people say we can't right now because we're in the middle of a crisis ;). With a bit of ochre... and lots of black.

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It took me a little while, but now I can finally properly introduce this new poster here! This is an offset printed poster (size A3: 29,7 x 42 cm or 11.8" x 16.6") of my 'You are so so easy to love' print, printed on beautiful 170 grams paper. The paper is heavy, but not as heavy as the fine art paper that I normally use for my fine art prints, which means that it can be sent in a cardboard mail tube through normal mail, so the (international) shipping costs will be much lower than when it has to be shipped as a small parcel.

As an introduction offer, this poster will sell for only EUR 10 (instead of the normal price of EUR 16) all through the month of December. You can order it here (If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can also send me an email if you want to order from me directly).

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Oh I know, this is one of those things that you can spend way too much time on while you shouldn't... Etsy has this tool called 'rearrange your shop', and you can use it to arrange the display of all your shop listings. And since I can't stand it when there isn't a 'right balance' in the display of images in my shop (as you can see below, I prefer an 'open-close' image structure ;)), I often find myself moving images from one place to the other till it finally feels right. As you can imagine I always feel a little disturbed when an item (or more than one... the horror!) gets sold... Though it's always a nice opportunity to start rearranging again ;).

By the way the postcard sets are on sale right now: nine postcards (but in fact there are even ten in each package, there's always a mystery card added!) for EUR 7 instead of 10... and there's a nice new offer coming up later!


(Oh and for those of you who share my little obsession: no worries, what you see in line seven and eight didn't just slip my mind, in the shop there's a page break inbetween! ;))


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