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This month a photo shoot of our home is published in Fabulous Mama magazine. Photographer Anke Leunissen and stylist Kim de Groot took the lovely pictures.

I once wrote here about how the artificial, overly styled images of perfect homes in magazines or on blogs can sometimes make you start considering your imperfect daily home as some kind of anomaly. I loved seeing how Anke and Kim styled the pictures during this photo shoot (which they of course did) without overdoing it and without losing the spirit of the house that we actually live in. In fact I think the nicest photos turned out to be the ones where Julie grabbed the grapes that were part of the styling of a picture and started eating them...

If you're curious you can find some more pictures of the shoot here.

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I haven't quite chosen any kind of official career path, and when people ask me what I do I never know what to call myself. Periods of satisfaction and happiness about what I do are regularly alternated with periods of doubt, in which I feel that all of this isn't really leading anywhere. Then all the good things that happened so far seem a stroke of luck that I don't know how to continue with.

I often experience such a period of doubt after I've been 'absent' for a while. I felt this way when I started working again after my maternity leave from Rosa, and now after this long period of Julie's maternity leave and the months in which we were busy moving house I feel it again. There's this mix of lots of ideas on the one hand yet on the other hand not knowing if they're good ones and how to get started with them. The feeling that I should improve and renew, invest or take big steps, but not exactly knowing how.

And then in the middle of such a period the most beautiful book arrives on my doorstep: Print & pattern kids, this huge and gorgeous children's print, pattern and illustration bible by Print & Pattern's Bowie Style. With some pages showing my designs inbetween pages featuring the work of illustration, print and design icons such as Alain Gree, Marimekko, Orla Kiely and Cath Kidston, and many other great designers and illustrators. Yikes! Must have done something right somehow ;).

The book is crazily inspiring, so many different styles of print and illustration, you just want to immediately grab your pencils and start drawing. I suppose that's a warning ;).

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A while ago I already showed you this image from the photos that photographer Marloes Barnhoorn and stylist Bern Veenhof took in my home for Dutch Viva Mama magazine. Today I'd like to show you a few more!
All images © Marloes Barnhoorn & Bern Veenhof
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Our home (and a bit of Rosa & me) is featured in the current issue of Dutch mom magazine Viva Mama. The beautiful images were taken by photographer Marloes Barnhoorn & stylist Bern Veenhof, who already once photographed me & my kiln for Esta magazine. I really love the above picture of a little break moment with hungry Rosa, who couldn't wait a few more minutes till our picture was taken!
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After quite a lot of book & magazine publications these last few years, of course I could have started thinking that I'm the big star of this household. But I'm afraid my dancing days are over... This week two new magazines arrived here, featuring the following subjects:
#1 My kiln
(I was asked for this 'funny thing in your home' feature in Esta Magazine, apparently having a pottery kiln in one of your bedrooms is kind of funny ;))
And #2: Rosa
With her funky little feet (and more) she's spicing up the pages of this month's Ouders van Nu magazine.
Time to move over and make room for a new generation I guess!
(such a relief that my kiln is older than I am ;))
Oh and there was also a little bit about me (also in Ouders van Nu magazine):
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The mailman just arrived with definitely the most beautiful book that I've seen in a long time.
Of course not because of me...
Though I'm obviously very honored to be part of a book filled with such a gorgeous collection of art, craft, design... and artisans! The book covers over 70 different artisans from all over the world, and is quite a treat for the eye with over 800 gorgeous images (at least that's what the publisher says, of course I haven't counted them ;). But it's obviously illustrated with lots and lots of the most beautiful images!).
And now I finally know what to call myself: I'm a new artisan! ;)
Dilemma arising: will I spend the rest of my afternoon in my studio as a real hardworking artisan, or on the couch reading a good book?
The book 'The new artisans' is written by Olivier Dupon and published by Thames & Hudson. It's not yet published, but available for pre-order through Amazon and such. Read more about it here.

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Rosa's room was featured as a nursery tour today on Ohdeedoh, apartment therapy's baby brother (or baby sister? ;)). How nice!
However since yesterday Rosa's room has changed quite a bit. We bought a new children's bed for her nursery, in a (1950s) style very similar to her previous bed, only a bit higher so she won't be able to climb out when she'd start to pull herself up. Only this one we painted in a super bright yellow instead of the sweet baby blue of her previous bed. We've put the baby blue bed in our room now, cause during the night she still sleeps with us, but she has outgrown the little 'Moses basket' that she used to sleep in in our room.
Also we've put the vintage 1950s wooden children's bench that used to stand in our hallway in Rosa's room. And I even managed to add a few more nice things to her super small room! I'll show some more of the changes soon, but for now you can visit ohdeedoh to see how Rosa's room looked until a few days ago, before I was contaminated by the 'change-everything!'-virus.
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Ever heard of a 'mook'? According to the folks at Frankie, the super cool Australian art/craft/ fashion/music/photography magazine, it's a mix of a magazine and a book, and they'll soon publish a new one: Spaces. Spaces will feature lots of creative, eclectic interiors and their owners, and I'm very excited to be among them. So far I've only seen my own pages and a few others (I just noticed on Anja's blog that she's in Spaces as well!), but what I saw is quite promising, so I'll definitely show some more once I've received my own copy.
Spaces can already be pre-ordered here, and will be available next week!
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Yesterday I attended the book presentation of a very interesting Dutch book: Maak het! (= 'Make it!') by Machteld Stilting. The book is all about female (small) creative business owners who sell their products through the internet, and besides offering a lot of practical information about starting your own creative business, a large part of the book is dedicated to creative business owners who tell their stories and experiences. I was one of the people interviewed for the book, that also includes interviews with for example Wood & Wool Stool's Ingrid, Zoet-stof's Angelique and Crafty Girls founder Ingrid, and all of us were invited for the creative launch of the book. We enjoyed a high tea and besides a lot of chatting and exchanging experiences, we also worked together on a small creative project: a patchwork blanket that everyone contributed a personal patch to.
I've already read quite a part of the book and can really recommend it to Dutch readers who are also considering to start a creative business or are already working on one. The book presents a lot of 'real stories' about what it's really like to have your own small business, and it's as much about the challenges and struggles as about the fun and the rewards. I'm always much more motivated to learn from other people's genuine and honest experiences than from a theoretical book that says 'you should do this and that', and of course I'm always very curious about 'how other people do it'... Well, this book satisfies that curiosity!
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It's still a weird thing, this global community: seeing this magazine with an article about your work and having no idea what it says... This is a publication in the Russian Seasons magazine and, besides not having a clue what the words mean, I think the page itself looks very nice. (and yes, I still think it's weird too that what I'm doing here  sitting in my pajamas in my small studio ends up in a magazine thousands of miles away... I mean sometimes of course, I'm not sitting in my pajamas all the time! ;))
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