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A while ago I bought Rosa some real 1950s dresses from Rockstreet vintage, an etsy shop that's regularly updated with the most amazing vintage children's clothes (though normally they mainly sell adult sizes). I purchased the dresses below for Rosa, and though most of them are still a bit too big for her (and more summer-style), as you can see she actually wears them!
I'm a bit hesitant to buy vintage dresses in sizes larger than a size 3 or 4 for Rosa, who knows by then she has turned into a tomboy who only wants to wear baggy trousers, or one of those little princess girls who only want to wear pink stuff... But it was hard to control myself with dresses in size 6 or 7 like the ones on the images below! (that unfortunately by now have all sold out, by the way...)
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The 'animal theme' in children's clothes is pretty old, and it's representations are often dull, worn-out and uninspired. But lately I've been seeing some fresh and fun interpretations of the theme. We've already seen the bear coat and the cat dress, but what about...
... this ladybug, mouse, fox and cat dress? (from Wild things, found via Bkids Giftguide)
... these fun animal-inspired outfits? Or...
... these sweet bib-tees? Or...
Another sweet ladybug dress!
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They are not particularly a 'good investment': nice children's clothes have sometimes already lost most of their (financial) value after their very first day of being worn while crawling, eating, playing... But those sweet children's clothes are so hard to resist! The fabrics, the prints, the colors... I sometimes wish I could wear them ;).
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I know that in the 1950s and 1960s most children (and adults) didn't have as many clothes as most of us have today. My mother, who grew up as one of seven kids on a farm, likes to tell me about the very small wardrobe she had as a kid: each year they got like two sweaters, two pairs of trousers, a skirt and blouse and a nice Sunday's dress. And though I must admit that's a pretty small amount of clothes, my mom looks so well-dressed on each image I see of her childhood... So apparently those few clothes that people had back then at least were good ones.

That's what I often think about when I buy Rosa vintage clothes today. I've bought her dresses from the 1950s that still look better than lots of the clothes that I buy her new look after having washed them once or twice. And though I wouldn't dare to brag about my qualities when it comes to laundry, I'm sure that isn't all my fault: you often hear that these days clothes are made to last just for one short season, while in the past they had to be worn by at least a few successive sisters. 
So it's fascinating that Rosa can still wear this dress that's over fifty years old, and that still has all these nice little details like little buttons and detailed embroidery. I'm pretty curious how this dress, after having survived more than fifty years without too much apparent trouble, will look when it has been worn by our wild and spilling girl a few more times...
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It was nice seeing so many of you appear on Pinterest after yesterday's post! And oh my, I thought I was addicted... ;) Some of you really have impressive collections!
One thing that I forgot to mention in my post yesterday, but what I think is particularly interesting about Pinterest (also for shops and designers): you can quickly see trends and 'Pinterest hits' emerge. Some pictures apparently are so nice and attractive that almost everyone who sees them also repins them to one's own image collection. A while ago I saw this really nice dress from Bangbang Copenhagen's coming 2012 collection on the French blog Pauletpaula, and pinned it to my pinboard (in fact it was almost the first image I ever pinned ;)). And it turns out I wasn't the only one... When I started browsing other people's inspiration boards on children's fashion, I saw the Bangbang dress pop up all the time. And since I officially revealed myself as a pinterest aficionada yesterday, I believe it's been my most frequently repinned image.
So with such an online buzz already I think the folks at Bangbang can be pretty sure that this dress is going to be a bestseller when it becomes available, and that wouldn't be strange at all: is there any mom of a young girl who can't picture her daughter wearing this sweet and fabulous dress? If they're a bit wise over there and listen to this new self-proclaimed Pinterest guru, they'd better have a few extra ones of that dress made... ;)
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Okay, they may not be that great at creating governments and such, but for the rest they're so amazingly creative in Belgium: such great (fashion) designers, wonderful music, the nicest shops, bars and restaurants in the cities... And Belgium has Atelier Assemblé, such an interesting fashion label that makes clothes for children and adults using these very beautiful vintage fabrics. I hope they still have a very large stash of those, because where can you keep finding large amounts of these fabulous fabrics now that vintage fabrics are so very popular? Well, I hope Atelier Assemblé still has a secret hiding place with rolls and rolls of the most amazing fabrics, so that they can keep surprising us with many more of their beautiful designs!
PS Of course I'm a bit biased showing only girls clothing: they also have a nice boys section!
PPS For those of you living near Antwerp: Atelier Assemblé has a stock sale on october the 26th and the 27th! Details on their website.
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I must admit that I wasn't yet aware of the fact that Rosa was in Real Urgent need of t-shirts size 12-18 months, but when I saw these lovely baby t-shirts by Skinny Laminx earlier today, all of a sudden I realized that she was... ;) The t-shirts are made of organic cotton, they are very reasonably priced and... there are only a few of each size available, so if your baby is in as desperate need of super nice shirts as mine, grab one now!
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How many coats does one (little) person need? Well, when you follow the rule 'Not as many as Rosa has' I think you're pretty safe! ;) Those beautiful vintage coats are just a bit too tempting for her mom... Lucky for me children grow fast, and therefore buying a few sizes ahead isn't even such a bad idea. So now Rosa also has this one on it's way, a summer coat for next year:
When buying old stuff, it's sometimes hard to distinguish between 'nice funny vintage' and 'nice beautiful vintage'. When you're interested in all things old, at a certain point anything from a certain era seems interesting, and then it can be hard to decide whether it's just interesting or also something you really love. I found myself struggling with this little dilemma when I found this super funny faux fur children's eskimo coat: did I just like it because it was so funny and obviously from a different era, or was I checking back on the coat on etsy all the time because I really liked it?
It took me a little while to decide (which isn't that bad when you're usually buying on impulse!), but when I kept picturing how Rosa would wear it and loved that idea so much, I finally bought the coat. And now I can't stop thinking about the funky toddler that she will be in a year or so! ;)
(and in the back of my mind I can already hear my mom say: 'Oh, I can't believe you actually bought this, thirty-five years ago we were só glad that this fake fur trend was finally over!' ;)) 
And since we can't have them all (the coatracks here have already been complaining), I thought I'd make a little selection of nice vintage coats that can currently be found in my favorite vintage etsy shops, for other people to buy. I noticed a few of them have already been sold in the past few days, so it's good to know that unique pieces like these may go fast!
All the above mentioned shops are worth checking out for other pieces of vintage clothing as well!
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Back in the day they knew how to make a good coat: not these shapeless things that look like a plastic duvet that you see so often these days, but elegant, well-shaped coats for people of each age category. A nice vintage wardrobe definitely starts with a good coat!
This vintage (I think 1970s?) coat has such a beautiful fire engine red color and a very classic cut. To avoid a too 'madam-ish' look for such a little kid (Rosa can probably wear this coat within a year or so), we'll surely combine it with fun and colorful accessories like all her crocheted hats.

Then there's this stunning wool coat, that I bought online as a size 2-3t, but I think it's in fact a bigger size, maybe for a 4- or 5-year-old? So I really hope by then Rosa still wants to wear these old coats, maybe by then she wants the plastic duvet! ;))

I have a few more coats to show you, as well as some suggestions for similar ones that are still for sale online (it's tempting, but we can't have them all here! ;)), so stay tuned for some more vintage coat fabulousness!
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Ever since I saw one of these hand-knit cardigans on Hinke's blog a few days ago I'm in love. Oh, how wonderful to see all those beautiful and fresh reinventions of such old crafts! These are made to order by etsy shop KuDum.  They're not that cheap, but I think these are such nice and timeless 'investment pieces' for one or more of your children that they're worth it!
Oh my, now I want to learn how to knit...
No, better ask my mom! ;)
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