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Interested in selling Ninainvorm postcards, posters, art prints or ceramics in your own shop? You can send me an email at to hear about the possibilities!

Oh I know, this is one of those things that you can spend way too much time on while you shouldn't... Etsy has this tool called 'rearrange your shop', and you can use it to arrange the display of all your shop listings. And since I can't stand it when there isn't a 'right balance' in the display of images in my shop (as you can see below, I prefer an 'open-close' image structure ;)), I often find myself moving images from one place to the other till it finally feels right. As you can imagine I always feel a little disturbed when an item (or more than one... the horror!) gets sold... Though it's always a nice opportunity to start rearranging again ;).

By the way the postcard sets are on sale right now: nine postcards (but in fact there are even ten in each package, there's always a mystery card added!) for EUR 7 instead of 10... and there's a nice new offer coming up later!


(Oh and for those of you who share my little obsession: no worries, what you see in line seven and eight didn't just slip my mind, in the shop there's a page break inbetween! ;))


Cyber Monday or just some last minute Sinterklaas shopping? If you use the coupon code BLOGSALE in my shop, you'll get a 15% discount on all your purchases till December 5!



As usual my PR is terrible (and late in particular ;)), but tomorrow afternoon I'll be sharing a boot with Ellen Vesters from Urlaub shop at the Le Bazarre market in the centre of Utrecht. The Market is at Neude (the biq square) in the heart of the city, so super close to the Central Station as well. If the weather is not to bad and you're in the area, do pay us a visit!

I'll be bringing lots of new work that I've been making these last few weeks, particularly ceramics, but also new posters, prints and postcards. Since I like round numbers for markets, everything will be sold at reduced prices.

I'll be adding some of these to the shop as well today, but they'll be gone to the market tomorrow and I can't guarantee they'll return home again;).

Hope to meet you tomorrow!

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Some extra product photos of this platter, in particular because I like my black wall in these images so much ;).

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With all this moving house and stuff there hasn't been much going on in the shop these last few months, but I'm back! You can find all these new things available here.


This saturday it's time again for one of the nicest handmade, craft & design blog events of the year: the Yvestown fair. Please come and visit us in Lommel, Belgium if you have the chance! Here you can find all the information about this year's fair and look back at the lovely one last year. I already look forward to get inspired again by all the beautiful handmade items and designs. For me this last year has been very much about having another baby and particularly about all the fuss that comes with moving house, and I have missed making things and being surrounded and inspired by the things that other people make. So I can't wait to be part of the Yvestown fair again, hope to meet you there!

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I've added some new things to the shop, and also I put a lot of older items in the sale section. We're about to move house within a month or two (we bought a house, so maybe now this will finally turn into something like a home decoration blog again! ;)), so I hope by then we can travel light. I hope to add a lot of items from my stock to the sale section these next few weeks, so keep checking here or there every so often!

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I always find it fascinating to read about these 'real big artists' and their lifestyle. You know, the Picasso kind of (usually male) artist, who is a creative genius that lives for his -Uppercase- Art in a ruthless and totally uncompromising way. Usually there are some children and several (ex-)partners around, but the artist doesn't really have the time and interest to look after them properly because hey, l'art pour l'art. Which often results in brilliant art, but also in complicated personal relationships, and children who deeply admire their father's (or mother's) genius, but also: 'they were never really there'.

I guess we all sometimes wonder what it would be like to live the life of a creative genius, defined by art and continuous inspiration. Since I have children it's often particularly the part of having (lots of) children while also living this uncompromising artistic lifestyle that fascinates me. Is the desire to create art so much larger and more important than the wish to care for your children and give them the attention they need? Writing it down like this it seems like a rhetoric question: who would have children these days and say openly that his (creative) career and personal goals and interests are much more important than taking care of their children's upbringing and happiness? I guess no one would, because obviously it sounds -and is, if you ask me- quite wrong. So we all happily say that one doesn't have to exclude the other, and just call it life's rush hour.

Yet the uncompromising lifestyle certainly has it's attractivity, or maybe a lifestyle that's just slightly less compromising than mine sometimes seems these days ;-). Also when you're not a creative genius but just someone who tries to get some work done, wouldn't it be great sometimes to just keep doing what you do, all day and night if you wish, without worrying about kids and daycare and their sleeping and crying and picking them up at the right time and cooking and breastfeeding and pumping every three hours and them being sick and not sleeping and... just all of that. The caring and the interruption, the constant caring and interruption. Wouldn't it be nice to just don't care at all and let other people take care of it, while you just keep making art? I'm not the super-holy-ever-self-sacrificing-with-a-smile mom, who jumps on her bike happily when she's called to the daycare centre for the second time a week because her baby refuses the bottle or refuses to sleep. I'm jumping on my bike feeling a bit frustrated, because I was enjoying what I was doing, and because it is important that I get some work done. But at the same time nothing feels more important than making sure my kids are happy and at ease, and when my upset baby is put in my arms and instantly relaxes that's all that matters, as corny as it sounds, but it is.

Ah well, as the Family first artist that I obviously am these days I can sometimes dream a bit about just finishing something without being interrupted all the time. But even with interruptions eventually things get done. Like this large set that took me quite a few weeks and lots of small steps to complete, but well... it's done!

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Never thought I'd needed a cheese tray plate, but now I think I do ;). These glorious ones are by mbartstudios and can be purchased through their etsy shop.

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Though it's still with a small hiccup every now and then, my baby has started going to daycare these past few weeks, and that means that the shop is fully open again. Most custom order items are available for ordering again, like the name plates, name tiles, the love plates and everything from the folklore & fun series.

Having a break like this maternity leave that I had always makes room for lots of new plans and ideas, and I can't wait to really start working on some of those new ideas for the shop. I really hope I'll be able to accomplish at least a few of them in the near future!


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