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Little Rein (and his mom and brother) paid us a visit... and the babies happened to wear very similar wool & wool silk outfits!

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It's sometimes hard to find the balance between keeping the uncautious, careless but at the same time super sweet and interested toddler away from that fragile baby and letting them meet on their own terms. We try to give them (well, particularly Rosa!) room for the latter, even if it sometimes means a toddler finger in a baby throat or some rather rough stroking of that soft little face... and of course meanwhile we keep telling Rosa that the baby loves all her sweet attentions, but not so much the poking in her eyes!


It keeps disappointing me that with all this breastfeeding and reading about all the wonderful things that it does for the immune system of your kids, my babies still get sick ;). Yesterday Rosa came home from daycare with a glowing face: a heavy fever. And Julie has been struggling with a severe cold for days (well, particularly nights!): at night we hardly get any sleep because she keeps waking up from all the caughing and snoring. These definitely are the heavy days (well, and particularly nights) as parents of two kids... I keep wondering how the parents of three, four or five kids do this!


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When we heard we'd have another girl I jokingly said to Helmut -who was so sure that this time we'd have a boy- that if we would have been part of some sort of indigenous tribe, they'd probably have called him 'Father Who Can Only Make Daughters' or something like that ;). We're becoming quite a feminine household here, with lots of dolls and lots of dresses, and to be honest I don't really mind.

And yes, it's a little guilty pleasure to dress them similarly on occasion... In this case it happened a bit by coincidence: Julie's jumpsuit once was one of my favorite floral dresses, but when a few holes appeared in it after years of intensive wear I used the good remnants of the fabric for one of Julie's first outfits. Later I realized that I had once bought Rosa a dress of the same fabric, it was a bigger size so I'd forgotten that we had it, but when I took it out of a box it turned out to be the perfect fit for Rosa now.

Their first portrait together wasn't such a success yet: though Rosa generally is surprisingly sweet and caring in her approach towards Julie, she doesn't yet seem to grasp the concept of holding a baby, which in return was a bit uncomfortable for Julie...

Oh and this: a crying baby really makes me stress out (I find it so bizarre that people can ignore their crying baby, I don't want to do that but even if I'd want it I just couldn't), but nothing's more relaxing than a sleeping baby on your chest!

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I guess it's official now: somehow we don't seem to be making those 'put-me-away-easily'-babies: ours are the 'I-want-to-be-close-to-you-all-the-time'-kind. As long as she's skin-to-skin with us, sleeping in the baby wrap or on our chest, Julie is quite a satisfied baby. So she's basically living in the wrap... well, quite a good post-pregnancy physical exercise for me to be carrying her around all day! (I compensate by eating lots of snacks at night, when she's sleeping on Helmut's chest ;))

I'm very much in love with both girls: while Julie is such a sweet little cuddly baby, Rosa keeps surprising us by being so big and handling everything so well (most of the time, that is!). She seems to have changed and grown so much these last few weeks, but I guess that isn't possible so these changes must be noticable particularly in comparison to her tiny sister...


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Happy and heavy: each new day with a young baby and a (very!) mischievous toddler is a bit of both... Sometimes I just wish I could split myself in two! (or maybe even three, so there would be an extra me left for also doing some non-child-related fun stuff ;)) I don't expect these days to always be happy or easy: besides feeling so lucky there's sometimes the stress of adjusting, learning to share (Rosa) and multi-child-task (Helmut and me), but so far I think we're doing not so bad!

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Tuesday December 18 our daughter Julie was born after a surprisingly fast -oh my! ;)- induced birth because of my high blood pressure at the end of the pregnancy. Though Julie was born at the exact same term as Rosa two years earlier (38 weeks and 6 days), she turned out to be so much tinier than our 4-kilogram-at-birth-giant Rosa, so these last few days have been a lot about her gaining some weight and strength. But all is very well and Rosa is the sweetest big sister! More updates will come soon ;).


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I guess all those things they say about second (or third, fourth...) pregnancies are true: it all goes by much faster, you experience every little development less consciously, you prepare less and in general it all feels a bit more normal than the first time. Already having a child running around somehow doesn't make the presence of this new baby in my belly (and knowing that within a few months I'll have her in my arms) any less abstract -it's a bizarre thing and it always will be- but having Rosa around definitely limits the amount of time that I can spend pondering over it.
I remember the time living towards Rosa's birth as sort of a serene period, there was something almost sacred in things like folding all those perfect little clothes and putting them in the drawers of the dresser in the little nursery. Now those sweet little clothes are still being put in the drawers, but ten minutes later they're already clumsily being worn by Rosa's dolls, or spread over the floor... ;) (which by the way is a more realistic perspective on what it's going to be like after the baby is born than the dreamily-staring-at-your-perfectly-folded-baby-clothes-thing).
There are moments when I feel a bit guilty about experiencing everything so differently now. Am I enjoying this probably last-pregnancy-ever well enough? Like when I was pregnant with Rosa we did all this, now so far I haven't even made one proper belly photo...
So when I was walking around taking pictures at the Woonbeurs and stumbled upon a large mirror, I thought 'well, it's better than no pictures at all!' So here's my 'fair belly' at 27 weeks pregnancy. Someone walking by my table told me I was already 'big' for 27 weeks, personally I thought the belly was still fairly small, then it must be something inbetween ;).

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Thank you all for your sweet well-wishes on this post! ;)
We've always been carrying Rosa a lot when she was younger, and though she's pretty heavy now I'd still love to do it occasionally, but Rosa doesn't seem to like it anymore. I tried a lot of different carriers when Rosa was a baby, but never a woven wrap. At first it seemed a bit too complicated, and when I finally found the courage and enthusiasm for it, Rosa already didn't seem to like to be carried that much anymore (somehow she never liked to be carried on my back, like most people do with older children). 
But now with a new baby on it's way I want to give it a try from the start, so after a lot of searching (I had no idea that all these woven wraps were such limited edition stuff!) I was finally able to purchase a Girasol Amitola, the one that had been my favorite since the moment I saw it for the first time. To my surprise (and after some protest) Rosa agreed on a little 'test ride', and the moment she was in the wrap she immediately put her head on my chest and seemed to be ready to go to sleep. Unfortunately this only lasted about a minute and then she wanted OUT! again, but it was nice to at least try the wrap for a minute. Hopefully the new baby will have some more patience ;).
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The sixteenth of April 2010 was a very special day for us: I found out that I was pregnant with Rosa. A year later, the sixteenth of April (with four month old Rosa on my lap) still felt like a very special day, almost a birthday.
Another year later the sixteenth of April was approaching again, and a few days before that day all of a sudden I thought: wouldn't it be funny if history repeated itself this year on April 16? But in the end, April 16 was a busy day, and I just forgot.
So, without any further signs but this funny thought a few days earlier, this time I tested on April 17.
And now it's 15 weeks already!
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