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With a knit suit that perfectly matches her cheerful character, Julie's ready to face the cold. Though maybe we'd better not send her to Sochi, they might think she's on some sort of mission there ;).


Three years already... Sweet, beautiful, stubborn, happy, funny, impatient playful Rosa! 

On days like these I can't help but relive that day: the drive to the hospital, the music we listened to at home and in the car, that same song over and over again... The waiting in that weird, impersonal hospital room, putting on the surgical gown, all those fascinating preparations for surgery that you have no idea of when you don't regularly watch stuff like ER... Seeing the gynaecologist holding a baby above your head, only for a few seconds... And then all that happened in the three years after that moment.

Will it always be this way on December 13? Will I always keep remembering all those moments so ordinary, yet in a strange way so full of meaning? Parking the car at the small parking lot near the hospital, meeting our nurse, the view from the room, the large serving trays with the unsavoury meals...  Will I always keep thinking about stuff such as surgery gowns and uncomfortable hospital beds with a smile? Or have I forgotten about most of those details by the time you've grown up, Rosa?

Anyway, today is your birthday, we'll make it a good one!

Reliving those days... #1 and #2

Your birth announcement

The bellies (including the fear of shrinking... still hoping for a bit more of that these days!)

You didn't just come easily, sometimes we almost forget, but never really

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During my pregnancy with Julie I started developing an interest in knitwear and wool. Kind of funny, because Rosa hardly ever wore any knit clothes. Maybe that's because she never ever seemed to be cold, and still: she seems to have inherited her father's trait to be able to wear short sleeves in icy cold February without ever wanting to put on some extra clothes.

But with Julie it was different. She was very tiny at birth (something you'd never have guessed when you see her glorious shapes these days ;)) and she seemed to have a low body temperature all the time during the first week after her birth. So we started dressing her in warm, 100 % wool clothes. Which didn't seem to help much by the way: according to the thermometer her body temperature remained low, even when she felt so warm and cozy in her soft woolen layers. Later we learned that the thermometer we had used didn't function well and constantly showed a temperature that was too low, so all the worries of these first few weeks were probably completely unncecessary... Ah well, by then we had already gotten used to the warm and comfortable wool that we dressed Julie in!

So Julie has been wearing lots of wool and knits ever since, and though I have tried some simple knitting myself, I prefer to buy beautiful handknit clothes from all the more skilled knitters that sell their beautiful stuff online. Some of my favorite knit/wool shops on etsy are Knitsiebitsie, Lalaka and Lolkawear on etsy, and also independent small brands such as Aymara, Bieq, FUB and Misha and Puff.

I've started wearing more wool myself as well, I always get cold so easily in winter and then wearing wool really is a great idea ;). In particular, lately I've grown an addiction to knit fingerless mittens. I will show some of them here soon!

Oh, do you notice: all dressed in wool, but with bare feet! None of my kids want to wear socks (and neither do I)...

Still lots of wool in stock for new knit projects, hopefully I get a little more skilled some day...

Julie and Rosa have some wool sweaters and dresses (like the sweater with the bear print above) from La Casita de Wendy that are among the softest, most comfortable wool that I've ever felt. Oh, and cute too!

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My sister Olga always brings the best things for Rosa and Julie. Yesterday she not only brought Julie a gorgeous crochet Mina dress, but more important she brings the amazing skill with her of always making my girls feel so happy and at ease. Rosa runs through the house yelling with excitement as soon as she sees her aunt Olga, and she lets her do things that I as her mother am not even allowed to mention, such as putting these lovely little pigtails in her hair...

Isn't it bizarre to all of a sudden be the mother of a big girl with pigtails? She was still a wee baby the last time I blinked my eyes!

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Lately I've often felt that this blog has become too much of a mommy blog -'look how adorable my babies are!'- and that it's time to start focusing more on the things I make and on art, craft and design again. But then, well... I mean look at how adorable my baby is! ;)

The handknit pinafore and hat are made by Knitsiebitsie.

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As you can see, our little 'photo moments' always happen spontaneously, without a plan. That's why there's always someone with pajamas, a just-out-of-bed hairdo or totally unmatching socks in the picture ;). Ah well, they are quite an accurate representation of actual daily life this way!

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When people heard that I was pregnant with another girl, they often told me: 'how nice, now you can use Rosa's wardrobe and stuff once again!' Well, part of me said yes to that thought (Rosa has lots of lovely clothes that she's grown out, wouldn't it be nice to see them worn again?), but the truth is that my taste is constantly changing and evolving, and I just happen to like many things and many styles, so I also thought that a new girl would be a nice chance to try some new baby girl styles. I mean, I know now that kids already start to develop their own preferences real early, so this would be my probably last chance to really dress a kid according to my ideas for a short while! ;)

During my pregnancy I somehow developed a huge love for wool and knitwear, something that Rosa hasn't worn much as a baby. Rosa always wore lots of bold and colorful Scandinavian and retro print clothes, but somehow this time I fell for soft and simple knits and slightly more classic basics. So during my pregnancy with Julie I bought lots of beautiful basics and knitwear at Petit Bateau (I never thought I'd become a Petit Bateau fan but somehow I did) and a lot of wool clothes, sweet handknit sweaters and cardigans and stuff like that. I kept telling myself that this changing taste probably meant that I'd have a very different baby this time: maybe my love for slim fit and elegant little Petit Bateau outfits somehow predicted that I'd get a very slim, quiet and elegant little baby this time? ;)

Well, at first my prediction seemed sort of correct: Julie was quite tiny and fragile at birth, and she couldn't hold her temperature during the first week or two. So hurray for all the wool and warm knitted cardigans, and of course for all the tiny Petit Bateau onesies (even the smallest sizes were too big for her!). But then the Big Growth began, and within just some weeks Julie caught up with her heavy-at-birth big sister and became a real heavy-weight herself. So despite all my blabla forecasts about her becoming this elegant little Petit Bateau baby, at almost four months she's already outgrown her French 6-month-old onesies ;).

But I still love classic sweet basics for Julie, and particularly knitwear, so now I desperately want to learn how to knit... Which is probably quite a hopeless plan, because I have no time for it at all, and I also have very little patience for crafts that require a lot of effort for a relatively small result, but I want it anyway! Lately I've been collecting lots of great knitting ideas and examples, so I'm planning to show you some of my favorites.

Because in the end I'm rather realistic about my chances of becoming a professional knitter within a few weeks from now, I've decided on something smarter: I've commissioned other people to knit the things that I can't make yet! On etsy lots of great shops that offer beautiful knitwear can be found, and lots of them also work on custom orders. The images in this blog post are examples of (wool) clothes that are being made by Hungarian etsy shop LolkaWear. I ordered two pairs of knit dungarees and two dresses from this shop, and the results are really beautiful! I also ordered bought knit clothes at a few other etsy shops, I will show some more soon!


I have two 'December babies', and sometimes I just wish it were different. Well, I guess in fact I would have wanted two April or May babies, and then after Summer and Autumn just skip Winter and move over to Spring again ;). I already find it hard to leave the house with two young kids, and rain, snow and cold make it just that little bit harder. So often we just stay at home, with a bored and nasty Rosa as a result. She just wants to go somewhere, and I so know what she means... So Spring, we are very much looking forward to you!

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I'm not exactly the kind of woman who puts on some fresh lipstick in a two-minute-break between contractions during labor, because she wants to look nice on the first post-birth pics (which was probably one of the reasons why I looked so terrible in those pics ;)). In fact I'm not glamorous at all, and especially in these first few months with a new baby there are plenty of days being spent in pajamas here. It's only a bit of a shame that my buying behavior doesn't really match this shabby lifestyle...

Do I have lots of gorgeous party dresses and high heels?

Yes I do.

Do I often go to parties that require dressing up like that?

Not at all.

Do I have plenty of beautiful pajamas?

No, I don't.

So I guess it's no surprise that my kids don't really opt for a glamorous lifestyle either...

Does Rosa have plenty of glorious outfits?

Yes she does.

Does Rosa like wearing those clothes?

Not really.

Does Rosa like wearing clothes at all?

Well in fact not, just a onesie is more than enough if you ask her...

Yeah, it's kind of a bummer for me that Rosa isn't interested at all in wearing all those beautiful clothes that I stubbornly keep buying her, like this wonderful Dominique Ver Eecke dress that I still have to find us a glamorous opportunity for. Of course her mom in pajamas isn't such a great example to convince her that dressing up is lots of fun ;). So we're in desperate need of some more glamour here, and I guess I have to get started with myself (in order not to become the mom who spends fortunes on clothes for her kids and completely forgets about herself... Oh guess what, that's me already! ;))

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Motherhood 'the second time', lately I've been thinking about it a lot. Is it so different from becoming a mother for the first time? Is it harder, is it easier, is it less special, does it definitively turn you into 'a mother with a family' instead of 'a girl who happens to have a child'?

I must admit that sometimes it feels a bit like playtime is over. Right now we seem to be this fulltime little caretaking factory, in a constant flow of answering to the -often contradictory- demands of our children. Constantly seeking for the balance between silence and noise: as soon as one child is quiet and in need of silence, the other one starts making lots of noise... And the next moment they're both making noise ;).

My life feels pretty small these days, and I feel I'm in this funny place of on the one hand already looking forward to some more room for myself again, while on the other hand not yet being ready to take that room, and create even the smallest distance between my baby and me. We're still intertangled, and I know that will change slowly but surely, but not yet.

I feel quite absorbed in all this, but not in the same way as when Rosa was born. Back then I was so eagerly waiting for each little step in her development, but now it's almost like I've forgotten that babies develop so quickly, so even though we've already been through this before with a baby, we almost seem more surprised: hey, she's laughing! Hear, she's mumbling and making funny noises! I guess we're so much in the middle of realizing that we're having another baby, that we sometimes just forget that babies aren't unchanging little creatures, but quickly evolving human beings. Maybe it's because Julie started so slowly -being so small and tiny and asleep almost all the time in the first week or two- and then all of a sudden started to grow and develop like crazy. At eight weeks she was already more than twice her birth weight!

'The baby' is already becoming more and more of a person, and that is really an exciting thing to experience once again. I can't wait to see who she'll become, and how she'll interact with Rosa and with each of us. Maybe I'm even more curious now that it's the second time that we experience how a baby grows and develops, because we already have a bit of a clue of what having a child is like. Just like it was when we had Rosa, it feels totally weird that within a short period of time this baby will start rolling over, crawling, moving, eating, walking... We've seen it before, but it still feels hard to believe!

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